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Reptar – “Oblangle Fizz, Y’all” [ALBUM]

reptar oblangle

Get ready to be blown away by the sensational disco house, indie/pop sounds of Reptar in their upcoming EP release. I was just recently introduced to the band a few days back and remember thinking, “wow that sounds a lot like Phoenix” but after visiting their myspace page I learned they came from Athens, GA. This is the first album they will be releasing jointly under Quality Faucet Records and Make Records, Not Bombs. So thankfully the guys threw a couple preview tracks from the album out on soundcloud about a month ago. I think we will be seeing much more of this party group starting this year, especially after their performance at the SXSW ’11 Festival. Upon the release be on the lookout for any shows coming up in your area promoting the new album. They are a cool indie/pop/dance group with a jam packed punch of rage worthy of any live event. Enjoy “Blastoff” and “Stuck in my ID” and be sure to catch the album release this friday!

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Purity Ring – “Lofticries”

Purity Ring
So once I got over the comedic reference in their name, it was quite hard to stop listening to this new 7″ vinyl by Purity Ring. The latest addition before the release was the cleverly arranged “Lofticries” which is just an amazingly ambient piece hinting of the R&B and hiphop vibe. Enjoy this track and visit their site to download these two tracks for free. But don’t be ‘that guy’, let’s show some love and shell out the minor $5 charge for the 7″ vinyl of both tracks.
The fun doesn’t stop there! The song was first heard from David Dean Burkhart‘s independent video for “Lofticries” using footage from an old 1970s Swedish film entitled Thriller: A Cruel Picture.

Here’s The RUNDOWN (4/9-4/16) [CHARTS]

beatplay vinyl cover

Ryan Montbleau Band “Heavy on the Vine” [ALBUM REVIEW]

There are two things you need to know about Ryan Montbleau and Ryan Montbleau Band.  One is they are from my hometown of Boston Massachusetts.  The second is that they are extremely talented and awesome.  Having played roughly 200 or more shows a year since the band started I guess it’s safe to say this is a band of certified road warriors.  Years ago I had the pleasure and honor to tour with this band as their sound guy so I like to think I have an inside scoop on Ryan and his music.  Daily I would hear “get in the van” in reference to joining the band full time which at the time was an amazing and exciting opportunity that I sadly just couldn’t take.  After listening to most recent release “Heavy on the Vine” I knew I had only scratched the surface during my time with the band.  Wether they are performing a reggae song, funk song, blues song, country song, folk song, or rock song as is in the case on “Heavy on the Vine” they are always about the “song” it’s as simple as that.

Songbird – Ryan Montbleau Band

With honest lyrics and an arsenal of styles RMB is a musical force.  They released their first full length record as a band in 2006 to high acclaim even though Ryan has solo releases dating back to ’02.  Last year with their release of “Heavy on the Vine” Ryan and co. got to work with none other than Martin Sexton who is a powerhouse in the singer songwriter realm and beyond.  Not only did Martin produce the record he also took the band on a nationwide tour playing their own shows and also opening for Dave Matthews Band.  Here’s a track called “Love Songs”.  I promise it’s the same band.

Love Songs – Ryan Montbleau Band

Ryan Montbleau Band features Matty Giannaros on upright and electric bass with the Cohen Brothers James and Jason on drums and keys respectively with Yahuba Garcia Torres destroying peoples faces on percussion.  They all destroy peoples faces actually.  Recently the band had a change in the line up.  Laurence Scudder had been a integral part of the band for many years playing viola and now he has gone on to bigger and better things leaving room for Lyle Brewer to step in on guitar filling the void Larry with definitely leave behind.

With a very diverse lineup “Heavy on the Vine” makes its stamp on my musical passport because from song to song the consistency never ceases.  A little instrumental tune like “Hands” carries as much weight as “Carry”, which is arguably Ryan’s best love song since “Boat Song” which appears on their debut release “One Fine Color”.  All the songs not only represent the band in as good a light I have ever seen, but also gives listeners a look into a band that just likes to play music.  Doesn’t matter what style they are playing or listening to or are being inspired by at any given moment they are fans of music, all of it, and it comes through on this record.  This next track is Martin’s favorite on the record and one of my personal favorites.

Carry – Ryan Montbleau Band

I guess I get spoiled sometimes being able to call these guys my friends.  And as you see when you attend their shows across the country wether they are playing to 2000 people in Boston or 200 in god knows where Iowa they are amazing musicians with important music to share.  I honestly want to put the whole record up for you guys to stream, but more importantly want you guys to go out and buy their record HERE and go see them live.

If this band tells you to “get in the van” you better do it even if your mom told you not to get in vans with strangers because what your mom didn’t tell you is that once your in the van you get to hear awesome music.

Ryan Montbleau Band is pretty much always on tour nationwide. Their tour page is HERE and its updated often.

Here’s one last track and video from “Heavy on the Vine.”  It’s Ryan’s favorite…  He might hate me for posting the video, but it starts with a great story of how this tune came about.

More and More and More – Ryan Montbleau Band

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The Nico Blues – “Living Proof” [VIDEO]

If you don’t recall the release of The Nico Blues latest album on the blog last year I totally suggest you snag the free download and check it out. In December of last year the alternative rock group released a video to their single “Living Proof” off of ‘Blame The Boredom, Blame The Basements’. These been recently entered into the MTVu’s ‘The Freshman’ contest for their music video. Please visit here and take a second to vote for them to get the chance to win and have their newest video aired on MTVu and MTV2. (NOTE: Poll is located on the right side-bar)

Big Gigantic – “A Place Behind The Moon” [ALBUM]

Some serious experimental electronic music coming out of mountainous Colorado region these days, and I must say that Big Gigantic are placing themselves quickly at the top. Put it this way, right after the smooth sounding 2 min intro you are completely blown away with this jam entitled, “Sky High”

These guys will literally add any sound from anywhere which is what sets the apart from the majority of electronic music today. Their openness to new sounds is really something else and pretty surprising at times when I find myself listening to hiphop beats with 8-bit background rhythms and jazzy saxophone melodies to top it all off. ‘A Place Behind The Moon’ is their most recent release which can be downloaded for free at their website here. ‘Solitude’ just lays it all out there for ya:

Alexander Ebert “Alexander” [MUSIC][ALBUM][VIDEO]

I had the pleasure of attending Lollapalooza in Chicago’s Grant Park last August.  It’s a massive music festival and they booked many bands I had heard or heard of with national headliners such as Lady Gaga, Green Day, The Strokes and Arcade Fire topping the bill over the course of three awesome days.  Now imagine a wooded hollow surrounded by trees with a relatively small stage (compared to the main stages) tucked away.  This is where I got my first taste of the psychedelic pop/ folk rock of Edward Sharpe and the Magenetic Zeros.  I had obviously heard about them (I don’t live under a rock). They were easily one of the biggest draws of the weekend for the indie folk lovers like myself.  Their song “Home” is being played all over the place and is usually people’s first introduction to the band.  Surprisingly though,  Edward Sharpe as I came to know him is actually Alexander Ebert and he recently released a solo offering called “Alexander”.

Alexander Ebert – Let’s Win

If you like Edward Sharpe’s debut release called “From Below” it’s easy to be drawn to this record.  There is however major differences in sound and feel on this record than when Alexander plays with his band.  “Alexander” for the most part is a quiet and light record.  Mostly acoustic with elements of clapping and even breathing gives this record a very organic feel which I’m sure Ebert was going for from the start.  It doesn’t sound like a big party or a massive group effort like “From Below”.  Instead this record is very private and intimate.  One of the best tunes, which I guess could be considered the single, is called “Truth”.

Truth – Alexander Ebert

The feel of this record is very mellow and sonically simple.  With that said Ebert is definitely a lyricist to listen closely too.  He is very positive in his lyrics and music.  Love and love lost, peace and more love are all evident themes in Ebert’s songs.  These themes set to old school folk rhythms and simple guitar licks produces familiar sounds to most but with Ebert’s voice soaring over the spoons, shakers and washboards (let alone the rest of the band) Alexander’s tenor takes a chance to make these songs his own and give us great sounding music.

In The Twilight – Alexander Ebert

I really like this record because of its simplicity.  This record has an awesome rootsy feel to it.  His voice, the melodies and harmonies alone are a great reason to check this record out.  If you want to hear positively driven good old fashion folk rock, tune your ears to “Alexander.  It’s available on iTunes HERE.  Ebert doesn’t have any solo dates up on his solo page, but Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros are about to head out on the road with Mumford and Sons this summer for limited dates as well as some European dates.  All that good stuff is HERE.

Here’s the last track from “Alexander.”  Enjoy.

Let’s Make a Deal To Not Make A Deal – Alexander Ebert

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Of Monsters And Men – “Little Talks” [MUSIC]

of monsters and men

Moving, moving, moving!!! That’s the vibe you’ll quickly catch from this 6-piece Icelandic indie/folk group, from their beautiful upbeat sound to match their quickly growing recognition and popularity. It wasn’t too long ago this group had been in the immediate shadows, but it’s beginning to sound like the release of this debut album in a couple weeks will definitely take the group to that next level of success on an international scale. “Little Talks” being the single release holds that popular folk sound which has been loved by the masses for over a year now while incorporating those catchy anthem chants and steady kick drum strokes.

Just an amazing track right there. Visit Of Monsters And Men on Facebook. Twitter. Myspace. and keep an eye out for their debut album release sometime this month!

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DubSkin – Live at Fox Theater in Boulder,CO [Photos][Downloads]

DubSkin Live at The Fox Theater in Boulder,CO

Click the Pic for more Concert Shots

DubSkin – “Suffer You”

Download all Their Albums for Free!!!!!!!

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We Are Augustines [MUSIC][ALBUM][VIDEO]

In a modern age of electro poppy auto-tuned imperfection (or perfection sadly) in music I find it hard to see where the artists are drawing their inspiration from.  Actually I take that back.  I know exactly where they are drawing from.  They are drawing from bullsh*t easy street topics like partying, college, fashion and more recently days of the week such as Friday.  Seriously if I have to hear crap like that any more you might as well end me.  I understand why crap like that is popular but popular does not necessarily mean good.  I know this is just my opinion, but I’m right so deal with it.  Check out the awesome artists on this very blog.  They are good and we don’t chew over produced bubble gum on this site.  This little rant brings me to We Are Augustines.  You want to hear emotion?  You want to hear pain?  You want to feel the songs and the lyrics as you listen?  This band is the real deal and they have the real life strife to back up raw emotion on their debut record “Rise Ye Sunken Ships.”

Chapel Song – We Are Augustines

Billy McCarthy and Eric Sanderson are one half of the now defunct band Pela.  With a good size following and opening spots for bands like Sonic Youth, Sleater Kinney, Feist, and the Flaming Lips you would think this band is on the fast track to success.  Marry that success with booze and carelessness and then there is no more band, but there is We Are Augustines, which McCarthy and Sanderson call their own.  Their debut record “Rise Ye Sunken Ships” is an open example of how much pain someone can go through in a life time and still persevere.  With family issues such as addiction and multiple suicides Bill McCarthy used his music to express emotion and let go of family members who were beyond help.  The main themes of this music are rooted in pain, suffering and mourning in honor of McCarthy’s now deceased brother Jim who suffered from many unimaginable issues.

In many ways Rise Ye Sunken Ships is also about reclaiming agency in one’s own life. From beleaguered family histories, from systems that ignore and shut down the individual, be it a record label, the foster care system, the prison system or a psychiatric hospital. The song “Book of James” is, specifically, testament to that struggle. —weareaugustines.com

Book of James – We Are Augustines

There is no sugarcoating or auto tune anywhere near this amazing music.  On top of that these guys have chosen to completely avoid a label to promote these songs.

The record industry had made it clear that there were little incentives for signing with a label other than upfront cash and marketing assistance.  Instead of relying on industry insiders who couldn’t care less about the music, they could work with people from the music community who demonstrated a real appreciation for their work.  —weareaugustines.com

Teaming up with local radio people and local promoters they are choosing the grass roots “stick it to the man” record to get their music out and it’s working.  Having recorded in LA, New York and Canada they draw from these very different cities/ country without forgetting and being true to their heavy folk rock sound.  Here’s a little documentary about the making of “Rise Ye Sunken Ships.”

I know this is heavy stuff.  There’s no getting around it, but besides the adult themes and the pain involved in this record it really does rock.  Over all this record is an awesome listen because it is loud and in your face rock and roll.  Who doesn’t like that?

This band is making noise not because they know how to write a catchy hook/ chorus or tell us what day comes after Saturday, but because they are honest musicians with honest lyrics and raw uncut emotion out there for you to relate.  This is the type of music worth the respect of the masses because the band had respect for the music as they were making it.

They are currently touring with The Boxer Rebellion and dates can be found HERE. They have a free download of Chapel Song on their home page HERE.  As far as I can tell the record isn’t available yet in stores or on iTunes.  To hold you over here’s a video from “Rise Ye Sunken Ships.”

East Los Angeles – We Are Augustines

Long live and music with depth and emotion that people can not only relate to but respect, which I’m pretty sure is the reason music exists in the first place.

By: Steve Rippin | Beat-Play Ambassador Los Angeles | @stevewithMWL|Music Without Labels & Beat-Play, LLC