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Help The World!!! with Josh Heinrichs – “Sweetest Thing” [DONATE]

Josh Heinrichs and Friends

This is why we love the independent world, not only because of the freedom to be yourself and live the life you love but the freedom to do great things your own way. The always groovin’ Josh Heinrichs sent this message out to the interwebs today:

We have decided to donate 100% of the proceeds of the song “Sweetest Thing” from iTunes & Amazon for the next month to the Red Cross. Our hearts go out to everyone suffering from the Earthquakes & Tsunami’s today. Love your families & friends up while you have this short time on earth : )

Enjoy the track and please show some love and purchase “Sweetest Thing” here and spread the help. Thank You!

AMIE Street – Music Lives Here No More

According to this articleAmie Street is supposed to be available until September 22nd to users.

Looks like amie street is suffering from severe neglect right now, and why not, it’s already been condemned. If you don’t already know, Amazon completely bought out the website a few months ago. They were a longtime investor of the company but I guess finally decided to shut her down, in order to focus on other services. It’s kind of a shame, as it was a pretty cool community, but I do think that there are models out there that will better serve independent artists, so it’s not bad timing for something new.