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Karma Phala – Amazing Music Project by Sarah Fimm – Limited Time Free Download

I ran into this yesterday and saw that they are still offering a free download of the project. Karma Phala means Fruit of Action – Check out their Facebook. First of all I was really impressed with all of the media that they included. There’s 4 photo albums including some of Sarah’s own paintings (one shown above), 1 video showing the making of one of the songs, 31 full tracks and some information about the project and the people involved.

The music ranges from some really awesome ambient and experimental stuff to Sarah Fimm’s vocal stuff, which is incredible! There’s also a number of really talented other artists who worked on the project. If you download Karma Phala, you HAVE to listen to Track 8 – Afraid [White Birds] –  It’s seriously one of the sickest female vocal songs I’ve ever heard. You pretty much NEED to hear this project. The download offer is still available here until Dec 24th.

Also you can support the project by purchasing the music here – it would make an awesome gift!