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B. Fleischmann presents “Playtime”

Hey guys. I came across this video a while back and had forgot about it until recently. Written for B. Fleischmann’s “Playtime” track, director Saman Keshavarz creates somewhat of video game within the video, as we follow a box-headed character through an insane journey to find Mr. Insanity. The video also features some pretty awesome visuals, namely the use of stop motion animation.

B. Fleischmann is an Austrian musician who began his music career as a drummer, but is more known for his electronic music. “Playtime” is track off his 1998 Angst Is Not A Weltanschauung album. You can hear “Playtime” in its entirety below. Since then, he has partnered with fellow Austrian musician Herbert Weixelbaum to create duo505.

You can find more info about Fleishmann at his myspace page.

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Soap & Skin – “Turbine Womb” [MUSIC]

soap and skin

It’s not everyday that you’re captured by a new age classical piece while stumbling through the internet, but it was impossible to leave this track alone, having played it almost 10 times prior to writing this post. I know it’s a bit older, released in 2009 but “Turbine Womb” is an incredibly moving experimental composition by the 21 year-old Austrian vocal, piano, violin performing sensation Anja Franziska Plaschg.

Anja brings an interesting feeling to her dark ambient style, adding a touch of beauty to every stroke of the keys. It’s songs such as these, while lacking lyrical passion, touching on a multitude of emotions that help reveal the true art in a sound.  I’d imagine coming from Vienna has had a great influence on Soap&Skin’s creative soul. Be sure to visit Soap&Skin here.

Written By: Mark G. Valente | Online Marketing Director | @MarkwithMWL