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Audiocation Releases AC-1, An awesome Freeware Compressor VST – Bedroom Producers Blog

Download Here

Great catch from an awesome blog – http://bedroomproducersblog.com/


The Music Seen – Another Awesome Blog to Find Good Music


THE MUSIC SEEN is a place to experience, share and find good music. It is bands, their music, and their concerts, seen through the eyes of professional music lovers. Happy listening.

Check out their Quick Guide too.

A Little Taste:

LCD Soundsystem – “Drunk Girls”:

Jukeboxer – Awesome Music Mix Blog

There’s some really awesome mixes on this blog. Def worth checking out. He posts a new one every week.  Jukeboxer


Hi. My name is Dalen, and I enjoy sharing music.

5 track mix will be posted each week, usually on Saturday.

Click on the artists name to visit their Last.FM page, and if you enjoy their music, please support them by purchasing their CD’s, records, tapes, and merchandise.

Also, each mix will be accompanied by an inspirational photograph from German photographerMatthias Heiderich. He’s awesome isn’t he?

take care,


Artist Contact:

If you think I would enjoy your music, please get in touch. If I really dig it, I’ll buy the first round when I visit your city.

email:  dalen.dalen@yahoo.com