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The Format – Dog Problems [VIDEO]

Narrative: A forlorn hand gets his heart broken and searches for love.

Performance: None.  Well, the hand sings.  And plays trumpet.

Song: The title track of The Format’s second and last album, “Dog Problems,” is a masterpiece of orchestral indie pop that could just as easily be part of a musical as it could the soundtrack to a Zach Braff film.

Why You Should Watch It: It’s simple, cute, and smartly done on what was probably a non-existent budget.  It doesn’t look great, but it doesn’t have to.  It nails a homemade look that Spike Jonze or early Gondry would be proud of.  The visual gags come in rapid succession, some commenting on the song, others illustrating it

They followed up this by dressing their hands and knocking out a sock puppet video:

The band called it quits soon after “Dog Problems” was released in 2008, but fans of the sprawling sound can find plenty to love in singer/songwriter Nate Ruess’ follow-up project fun. (who just released a new single on their Facebook).

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Chairs Missing Live at Soda Bar in San Diego, CA [Photos]

Chairs Missing Live at Soda Bar in San Diego, CA

Click the pic for more concert shots!

Check these guys out! Don’t forget the FREE downloads

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Introducing… Said The Whale [MUSIC]

Indie rock band out of Vancouver, Said The Whale comes with a really fun energy with “Camilo (The Magician)”. Here is their video:

Introducing… Incan Abraham [MUSIC]

Just found these guys on reddit, coming from Los Angeles, Incan Abraham was just featured on NPR.org today for “Song Of The Day”. They incorporate beautifully cloudy background harmonics to join the trippy rhythms and beatlesque breakdowns. Such a fun classic rock feel you’ll forget what era they really come from!!! Amazing stuff and we are really looking forward to hearing some more work from Incan Abraham in the near future.

They are currently promoting their new 4 track EP, “ADULT WORLD”, which you can download for FREE here. Here is the track “Hors D’oeuvres”

The Random Tunesmiths Live Streaming Every Wed at 10 PM (IRE) – 6 PM EST – Acoustic [Ustream]


A Hero En Route – “Wary As Bears” [ALBUM REVIEW]

Bobby Angle-Lead Vocals
Jon Steiner- Guitar
Austin McCool- Guitar
Jacob Hillenbrand- Bass
Frank Legeay- Drums

This is just GREAT!!! We’re getting more and more alternative rock coming from the indie world; and with that being said it is my pleasure to introduce you all to A Hero En Route from Evansville, IN with their newest album release, “Wary As Bears”. DAMN this is a good set of tracks. Not a very large EP but these 7 songs do enough justice until their next album which I’m sure we’ll see soon. These guys are BEASTS, having 4 self-released albums since ’08!!!



“Wary As Bears” has really stepped up the bands game and overall originality. This is definitely a “whole-way-through” type of album. Even the 52 second track “Bruiser” is absolutely beautiful and adds a smooth mellow feel to the transition between the albums’ clear hits, “Curses” and “Wary As Bears”. Comparing this band is pretty difficult because they have a lot of different feels to them that many other bands brings bits of. Red Jump Suite Apparatus being a very mainstream group is very comparable along with Panic! At The Disco vocals. The consistency of this album though, definitely sets A Hero En Route aside from the inconsistency of signed musicians’ hit making mentality.




Dammit! – Free EP Confused – Review

Dammit! – “State of My Nation”

Dammit! is an amazing small town band straight out of India.

“Six-piece Karnataka alt/grunge/punk band Dammit recently released their debut EP Confused. The overt national consciousness/paranoia/rebellion of the band bleeds into their EP and their album art.”  –NH7

The band consists of:

Anup Cowkur-Vocals
Rijusatvik-Lead guitar
Varun Sharma-Rhythm guitar
Rohit Nikam-Bass
Sidhesh Iyer-Keyboards
Nachiket kalburgi-Drums

The EP has only 3 tracks, but they are extremely well recorded and put together, and if I didn’t know better, I’d never be able to tell this band was from India.

All of these guys are great musicians, and they seem to mesh really well together. Anup’s English is perfect, and his voice compliments their groove perfectly as well. As far as punk bands go, these guys kick ass! Their lyrics and song concepts are full of purpose and they’ll also just rock the fck out.

The EP can be downloaded for free on the band’s Facebook page. It’s definitely worth a listen. These guys are awesome!

Reviewed by: Dante Cullari  Founer & CEO Beat-Play, LLC

Apex Vibe – Elevate Album Review

Apex Vibe – “Set it Right”

Apex Vibe is a super disgusting rock/reggae/soul band of out Denver, Co, made up of:

Tim Sanchez – Vocals/Guitar

Derek Barnard – Lead Guitar

Sam Caudill – Keyboards/Vocals

Will Lovell – Bass/Vocals

Dubs – Drums

The band recently released their first full-length album called Elevate. I actually had the pleasure of catching the release part and it was an AMAZING performance. I was also fortunate enough to film the whole event. Look out for that soon..dirty. These guys are big.

Their sound is an awesome mix of reggae, rock, hip hop, and it definitely has a soul. One might compare them to 311 or Sublime. Tim on vocals is intoxicating, and Derek on the guitar is fcking ridiculous. Rounding it off perfectly are Sam on keyboards, Dubs on the drums and Will on bass.

There’s not much more I can say about these guys other than that they’re nasty and you will love them, as long as you like great chill music. They’ll also get you up and dancing too. Some of my favorite tracks on the album are “In the Moment” and “Saturday Morning” but honestly they are all really good.

This album is definitely worth the $11 bucks on their website.

Some of the tracks on their new album can also be found on their Myspace. Continue reading

Introducing… The Novel Ideas

The Novel Ideas

Residing from the suburbs of Newton, Massachusetts, Daniel Radin [Guitars/Vocals] aspired to write music based on literature rather than the typical girl troubles focus in their genre. They kicked off their career in 2007 with the release of “Say Hello” to be followed by their most recent album “The Sky is a Field” which came out in 2009. They began their first national tour in June of this year.

If you are a fan of Rock Folk and a sound similar to Death Cab for Cutie or The Postal Service than you will love their newest album. The album is actually in the order of a novel as you go song to song which adds to their overall uniqueness in this genre. Here is a track from “The Sky is a Field” entitled The Sky.

1. The Sky
2. Adrian Blues
3. Seabird
4. Homesick
5. Julian Carax
6. A Breath of Fresh Air
7. Shoot Straight
8. Wedding Bells Pt. 1
9. Wedding Bells Pt. 2
10. You Sang to Me
11.The Field

Yo Mama’s Big Fat Booty Band – THC Music Festival [PHOTOS]

Yo Mama’s Big Fat Booty Band performing at The 2010 THC Music Festival in Alma, Co. Here is a Live recording of the song, “Don’t Be” from the Bele Chere in Asheville, NC.

Click Here to Listen

yo mamas big fat booty band visit their Website

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