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POLOCK – Fireworks [VIDEO]

Great footage from The ‘Black XS Live Sound Take Away Shows’ where Polock performed, “Fireworks” on the beaches of Barcelona. The thick fog had rolled in while they were setting up which they claim gave the video ‘footage a sort of Icelandic feel.’ Please take some time to hear some more from POLOCK and enjoy this awesome recording.

Bombadil – “Barcelona” [MUSIC]

Bombadil released this mp3 on their website to promote the release of their album, Tarpits and Canyonlands, along with Spain victory at the World Cup. The album has 15 tracks in which “Barcelona” did not make the final cut of, so they decided to give the song away to their fans. This song was one of the few songs written by a friend of the band, Dan Shvartsman. It’s amazing that this song didn’t make the cut for the album; I definitely advise checking this one out here.