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Mansions – “City Don’t Care” [VIDEO]

Narrative: Nada.

Performance: Somewhere in there.  I think he’s singing to the ocean?  Maybe he’s in love with a mermaid.

Song: Chill.  Sad.  Probably good winter music.

Why You Should Watch It: The dizzying cross-fades make this one to watch under the influence.  Which influence doesn’t matter, as long as you’re not hitting the point where you’re wheeling around to keep your balance.  Simple, effective camera work and long, slow dissolves emphasize the song’s confusion and sadness, while the beach – bound location emphasizes the chorus of the song.  The city don’t care, so why not just head somewhere else?

By: Chris Cullari | Beat-Play Ambassador Los Angeles | @ChriswithMWL|Music Without Labels & Beat-Play, LLC

Wavves – “King Of The Beach” [VIDEO]

Gettin’ into that Beach Boys vibe with Wavves from Southern California as they lay down their latest video for “King Of The Beach”. This is what it would be like if the Beach Boys got ‘Beastie’ on them. These guys really show you how to take advantage of the lovely weather in SoCal, just living life and having a good time no matter what the circumstances. Definitely a really fun video to match the hit people loved all last year. Check out the “King Of The Beach” album along with their latest work on “Summer Is Forever” EP.

POLOCK – Fireworks [VIDEO]

Great footage from The ‘Black XS Live Sound Take Away Shows’ where Polock performed, “Fireworks” on the beaches of Barcelona. The thick fog had rolled in while they were setting up which they claim gave the video ‘footage a sort of Icelandic feel.’ Please take some time to hear some more from POLOCK and enjoy this awesome recording.