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Purity Ring – “Lofticries”

Purity Ring
So once I got over the comedic reference in their name, it was quite hard to stop listening to this new 7″ vinyl by Purity Ring. The latest addition before the release was the cleverly arranged “Lofticries” which is just an amazingly ambient piece hinting of the R&B and hiphop vibe. Enjoy this track and visit their site to download these two tracks for free. But don’t be ‘that guy’, let’s show some love and shell out the minor $5 charge for the 7″ vinyl of both tracks.
The fun doesn’t stop there! The song was first heard from David Dean Burkhart‘s independent video for “Lofticries” using footage from an old 1970s Swedish film entitled Thriller: A Cruel Picture.

Burial – “EGO” feat. Thom Yorke and Four Tet [MUSIC]


Soooo glad I ran into this track here. Thom Yorke of Radiohead teams up with UK 2-step/grudge producer Burial, and Kieran Hebden aka Four Tet, on a new project released this month. Definitely going for that club sound on this track with the laid back house beat being melodically guided by the easily recognized vocals of Thom Yorke. Once you’ve had about 10 listens of this hit visit here for the other release entitled, “Mirror”.

Shlohmo – “Places” [MUSIC]


Here is the first track to the LA producers upcoming EP, “Places” releasing next Tuesday. Check out his Facebook Page to catch that along with the full album release in June. The vibe off this song is very chill and relaxing similar to some of the old school Common Sense beats from his early beginning. With all original vocals, guitar, bass, and keys this producer will set himself far apart from the rest who openly take on samples in all their music. Enjoy the day and turn up the volume:

Brenton Duvall – “Blow The Skrilla (Too $hort)” [MUSIC]

Brenton just recently released a video with the MicControl Blog, showing the creation of this latest beat. Watch how he grabbed a sick Skrillex sample and created an entirely new beat. Definitely check out this video quick before enjoying this track.
This underlying beat he just created is totally awesome. Here is the full version of the song that you just witnessed being created, enjoy:

Download Here

NERO – Me And You [VIDEO]

Bumpin’ club track combining hiphop, house, and dubstep for a sensational sound is NERO out of London, U.K. This new track just released for sale on iTunes last week so please check it out. To view more music by NERO click the image above.

Nujabes – Hikari [MUSIC]

Sick hiphop track from Nujabes, fresh out of Japan. This is probably the first hiphop artist I’ve heard from Japan and let me tell you, this guy is legit! Click the image above to hear more from Nujabes.

TOBACCO – Stretch Your Face [VIDEO]

This beat is just killin’ it! It would sound unbelievable with someone spittin’ over the beat like NAS or Eminem. Will someone take this loop, write a verse to it, and send it to us at Beat-Play, LLC for promotion. Please click the image above for more from TOBACCO. Dirty track, enjoy:

Sticky Stockholm – “Marrakech Nights” [MUSIC]

Awesome laid-back HOUSE beats with some cool Jazz riffs. Definitely diggin this sound. Hear more from Sticky Stockholm here:

Introducing… Pretty Lights [MUSIC]

What an absolutely ridiculous beat by Pretty Lights on this track here. Coming off their newest album, “Glowing In The Darkest Night” you get are instantly blown away by the heavy dub tones. Please visit their site to download the album. I’m really diggin the opener of the album, “Still Night”, enjoy:

Saigon – Get Busy(Super Mario Beat) [VIDEO]

Saigon, who you may remember from the famous HBO series Entourage where he plays himself being managed by Turtle (a star of the show), comes at you with the SICKEST Super Mario beat I’ve ever heard. He does a great job of tying his lyrics about the streets to the gist of the popular Nintendo classic. Check his video here: