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Black Kettle – “Paint the Town” [VIDEO]

Yes, I’ve posted about these two before, but the response was so good the first time (and I had so much fun making these videos) that I wanted to highlight the second single off their new EP.

The version below is a stripped down performance featuring just the girls, keys, guitar and a drum machine.  The full track (and EP) are available on iTunes right here.

Fun fact: I spent three years at film school shooting on various rooftops in Boston, and this was the first time I ever got kicked off anything.  I guess Keeley and Kailynn just rawk too damn hard.

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Black Kettle – “Spineless” [Video]

Embarrassing confession time: I still rock “Sunny Came Home” like it’s 1996.

Even more embarrassing confession time: That’s one of the few female fronted tracks I have on my hard drive.  It’s a weird oversight in an otherwise eclectic collection, and one I can’t really account for, other than I listen to way too much pop punk for someone my age.  I agree, it’s science that Joan Jett kills it, Tegan and Sara are great, Kelly Clarkson’s pipes push “Since U Been Gone” to overcome its embarrassingly teeny-bopper title, and I have an unhealthy crush on Dessa from Doomtree (“Sadie Hawkins.”  Do it.), but outside of that…not so much.  I think it’s just that voices of a high register are an acquired taste – I don’t listen to Coheed and Cambria, Saosin or As Tall As Lions much either.

Point is, I’m stoked that I can add Black Kettle, a.k.a. Keely Bumford and Kailynn West, to the above list.  The girls are two Berklee grads who traded snow for sun (but the Sox for the Dodgers?  Downgrade.) and settled into the bohemian enclave known as Silverlake to create their first EP on the west coast.

The pop groove they create on “Spineless” – the first track and video from their upcoming EP – captures their style in a quick two minutes and twenty-five seconds: fun without being mindless, indie without being alienating, and cute without being cloying.  It’s a perfect track to throw on a spring playlist as the SoCal weather starts to warm and we hurtle into March.

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