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The Beat-Play Experiment – Entry #5

So we’re finally in internal beta for Beat-Play! We are just working out some minor workflow and design changes, but nothing serious.

We should have the main social network engine up on our servers and ready to use in a couple weeks. We’ll have playlist capabilities, videos, blogs, user updates, alerts, calendars, and all the other standard social stuff.

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How the F**K can I find some good music??

Okay so I HAVE to touch on this subject again, just because of all of the ridiculous things I’ve been reading on different blogs about it lately.

I want to bring some of the different view-pionts to light here, and then really analyze them further to reveal the true meat and potatoes underneath it all – what really matters, and what doesn’t, and introduce a way of thinking about it that just really makes more sense. There are many misconceptions floating around right now that I feel I owe to people to clear up.

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Why Video Blogs will Rule

In the age of bloggers, basically independent journalism, and the fast-paced world of the internet, it is only a matter of time before vloggers become America’s top choice for news, a trend I think will catch on in the rest of the world as well. This is because of the vast range of sources and opinions that are available on blogs. Collectively, they usually paint a pretty accurate picture of problems, solutions, and opinions, which is what news can only really be judged on – Thier ability to paint the most accurate picture of current circumstances.

Already every time I flip on CNN or MSNBC, I see something about Twitter, or Facebook, or about the news channel’s blog. Plus the big channel’s news coverage is already mostly based on what’s being talked about online, which is usually the first place for a story to break. If it’s been on Twitter for a week steady, CNN will be all over it.

As blogging progresses, I think that it will be much more common for people to switch from written blogs, to video blogs..especially as professional blogger numbers continue to rise. The reason is more information, faster, and without being limited to having all of your attention on one screen.

It’s like the difference between books, and books on tape. You can’t read a book while you drive, but you can hear one. It just makes sense. If everyone video blogged, everyday, I could take the articles I want, and essentially add them to a playlist. The they could even sit in the corner of my screen as a minimized version, just playing, while I write emails, make a spread sheet, play games, ect. Add this functionality to a Discovery Engine like Alltop, or Redditall, and I would never have to jump from blog page to blog page again, wasting time hitting back and waiting for each page to load.

A huge part of internet usage right now is to gain more information about a specific topic, many times related to business or promotion of some kind. If I could gain all of this information in video form, not only could I fit in and absorb more information, and faster, but I could still be productive at my business while I’m learning. It’s the ultimate multi-task internet hack.

Now if only the playlist functionality existed…maybe if it did more people would video blog. What comes first, the chicken or the egg? This functionality would implement PERFECTLY into a browser. If no one else does it, I will, but the reason I’m letting it out is because I’m so busy with Beat-Play, that I wouldn’t mind if someone else stole it, because then I could benefit from it without putting the tremendous amount of work in to launch IT as well as Beat-Play. But whoever does, could end up being pretty well off..hint, hint.

Pretty soon you will start to see more video blog posts from me and my team. If all goes well, we would eventually like to transition totally to video blogs, in order to better serve our readers. I know that this is the future..because it’s just better..and better makes sense..someone’s going to figure it out. For now, don’t stop blogging, but maybe consider getting a makeover.

Written by: Dante Cullari Founder & President Beat-Play, LLC

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Should Bloggers be Paid?

I think this is a great question to ask, and it is also the subject of some debate. I guess the answer would depend on what the context is. Some bloggers are paid, but usually by some company to churn out news for that company or about a product, much like the way many popular newspapers, magazines or news programs operate.

In my opinion, I don’t think if you get hired by one of these companies you should be able to call yourself a blogger anymore..you’re then a journalist :). I do however think bloggers should get paid, and still keep their title. It really has to do with HOW they get paid.

I will get to what I mean by that in a minute, but first we need to examine the situation a little bit to realize why paying bloggers is a good idea.

I was at my buddy’s cabin this weekend and I don’t know if it was the peace and quiet, or the beer, but for some reason a thought popped into my head: What makes a good blog any different than a good song, or a good movie, or TV show? Why don’t bloggers directly charge their readers before reading their content? Even the best bloggers..why don’t they charge?

It’s because blogs were born on the internet, and the internet is about sharing information openly, and for no other reason than because people want to. Movies, Music and TV were born in a completely different place, where big companies controlled the content and did their best to put a lock on it, unless they were payed. But alas, the internet has found a way for even this content to be unlocked and shared with the world for free, and the big companies aren’t even getting paid anymore. There has to be a better solution for ALL intellectual property in this internet injected world…and there is.

Why has there been no blog platform like a WordPress or Blogger, that offers their most popular bloggers a percentage of ads placed. I’m not talking about ugly AdSense ads that only pay on a click-through or a purchase point click-through basis.

I’m talking about the website posting non-conficting, unobtrusive ads on a bloggers webpage, and having the bloggers get paid based on impressions(page views). One of the theories that makes this work is the ads being small, and them being placed in the corner of a function of a site, not a side bar.

In this case the function would be a blog article. The ads are not only placed where a user can’t really ignore it, but they are allowing the readers to get the content for free, while they are supporting their favorite authors, who would have more time to devote to writing good news. The icons could also expand to reveal more information. There are of course a few more crucial pieces of the puzzle, but I gave you as much information about it as I can right now.

This would create a blogosphere full of bloggers who suddenly have more time for things like research, fact checking, interviewing, travel, and other crucial aspects of what makes a good blogger a good news source.

This would essentially be a revolution of information, and the independent blogger community formed may even prove to be a contender for mainstream news networks, being more accessible, more updated as a whole, and with a much wider selection of sources on any particular topic.

The future of blogging looks bright, and pretty soon the hobby, or even secret double-life blogger, may be able to finally drop the act and introduce themselves to world again; this time as full time, self-made, “Professional Bloggers,” in the true sense of the phrase. It has a good ring to it..and being your own boss has an amazing amount of benefits as well, including working in your boxers, and also sometimes eliminating any sneaky or devious hidden motives behind article content. Oh how the world will change..Til then though, why not take up blogging? It might just eventually pay off..

Written by: Dante Cullari Founder & President Beat-Play, LLC