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Beat-Play Pro Independent Artist Event – 3 Cordilleras Brewery – Medellin, Colombia

I want to thank all of the independent artists who came out this night to hear solutions for growing the independent artist community’s real goals of stabilizing and strengthening our roles within this industry, and helping to spread our message. We had an amazing response from artists who are excited about what Beat-Play is capable of offering them in terms more effective free promotion and revenue generation. I will post videos of the presentations in a few weeks. For now, check out the Slideshow. For more info about Beat-Play, check out our about page on this blog. Also a big thanks to 3 Cordilleras Brewery for letting us host our event there.

150 Independent Artists from Medellin, Colombia Come Together to Hear about ways to organize, and come up with the solutions to all their problems. Keynote speaker Dante Cullari reveals his website Beat-Play, and how it can contribute to indie artists taking control over their professional careers.

Music Credits:

Rebelution – Outta Control

My Morning Jacket – One Big Holiday

Doxology – Revolution

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