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Hyperreal and Mididexterous – SICK Music Resource!

Hyperreal’s Mission Statement

Hyperreal is a resource and a home on the Internet for information and activies surrounding the memes of music, dance, art, altered states of consciousness, and experimental ways of expressing those memes over the wires. Information like this doesn’t want to be free, it NEEDS to be free, and it needs a place to be expressed independent of any overriding responsibility to a larger institution.

This is a home for projects involving topics and ideas that don’t have an appropriate home on an educational server or tied in with any company.

What is Hyperreal?

In 1992 I (Brian Behlendorf) started an email-based mailing list focused on the San Francisco rave scene, called “SFRaves“. Shortly after that I was granted access to a spare Sun Sparc 1 sitting in a closet at Stanford, where I was a part time sysadmin, as a host for this mailing list. The Internet was just starting to be used as a transport mechanism for different types of media (music, images, etc) – FTP and gopher were king, while HTTP was something a lot of physicists out at CERN were making noises about. I decided it would be cool to set up an archive of information related to this mailing list I had started – so I collected some flyers and scanned them in, digitized some of the music related to the scene, put up the archives from the mailing list, and suddenly this really cool (and popular) resource came into being.

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Mididexterous is a glove-based controller for musical expression.  More