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Pure Solid – “Dub Lockdown” and set from Cold Turkey [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Pure Solid


Pure Solid is producer Damian Stephens (Dplanet) and VJ Anne-Sophie Leens (spo0ky). Together they create an intense audio-visual assault on the senses. Dplanet describes his musical style as ‘soundsytem music’, ‘robot army music’ or ‘dark’. This sound has influences of dub, grime, Detroit techno, Chicago house, acid, hip hop, juke and electro.  Spo0ky creates bespoke graphic design and video treatments that interpret and enhance the music, providing a powerful, immersive, hypnotic, audiovisual experience.  Check out the second track – Dub Lockdown – off their recent double EP Ghetto Dubs.


Cold turkey featured Pure Solid a few weeks ago, you can play or download their set.


By: Elizabeth Stene | Beat-Play Ambassador South Africa | @LizMWL | Music Without Labels & Beat-Play, LLC


Here’s The RUNDOWN (4/29 – 5/6) [CHARTS]

Mr. Sakitumi – “Azzmatic” + ILL Vid Performance of “This That Beat” – Track off his Upcoming Album!

Mr. Sakitumi is holding it down for Cape Town, South Africa! His latest is pure African Dope. Here’s “Azzmatic”:

Mr. Sakitumi is truly amazing. Not only does he play more instruments than I can count, but his style is so clean and so, so dope. He takes it back to the basics and breaks it down. Allow this video to demonstrate – watch him just murder this MPC, and also note the turntable visuals – doesn’t get much realer than that. This is Mr. Sakitumi performing a live version of his track “This That Beat” off of his upcoming debut album with African Dope Records, scheduled for release later this year.

These are just a few samples of all of the incredibly sick music you’re going to get for free in your email just for signing up to African Dopes mailing list. I also highly recommend the rest of Mr. Sakitumi’s Soundcloud page, and his Myspace.

Posted by: Dante Cullari CEO  Beat-Play

Tamsin – “Sad Am I” [VIDEO]

Just been presented with this beautiful song by Tamsin from Cape Town, South Africa. Have a listen to her video for “Sad Am I”. Also check out her newest album “Verdict To Roam” here.

Mr. Sakitumi – “Imperial Basswalker” [New Track]

This new track from Mr. Sakitumi is RIDICULOUS. You gotta hear “Imperial Basswalker”

Also check out this video of The Grrrl (SICK live visual artist)  and the man himself in Switzerland during a highly successful European tour earlier this year:

Mr. Sakitumi is destroyin it over in South Africa right now. Keep an ear out for more updates from Mr. Sakitumi and his upcoming solo album in the near future. Also if you like Mr. Sakitumi, you should definitely check out Closet Snare, a disgusting jazzy/hip hop/electronic group he’s in.

Mr. Sakitumi is amazing. He plays like 9 instruments well..this guy is indestructible.

All this brought to you by African Dope Records – always dope.


7ft Soundsystem – “Kids At The Pool” – African Dope – Dub/Reggae/Electronica [Music]

Reggae for Robots and Dub for Droids

Click the link below to hear “Kids At The Pool”

7ft Soundsystem – “Kids At The Pool

7ft Soundsystem released their debut album God Shuffles His Beat independently last year. The album features collaborations with a host of South American vocalists, including Zolani Mahola of local super group “Freshly Ground”. They call themselves ” Digital Dub music duo with an insatiable passion for Jamican Roots music.” We say, if it’s inspiration you want, Jamaica’s not a bad place to start looking. You can take a listen to some of their music on their Soundcloud page.

7ft Soundsystem (Yves Adler and Andrew Winer, both former members of the band 7th Son) describe their debut album as, “A head brew of rollin’ bass, skanking rhythms and sci-fi sounds. An electronic interpretation of the old Jamaican Soundsystem culture, using live musicians, vocalists, 1980’s computer game sounds and LOTS OF BASS”.

(When people talk to us about BASS they speak in capital letters)

Wickid’. Make sure you grab the free tracks we gave out in our last few releases by clicking the links below, and get ready for another one from Mr.Sakitumi next week!!

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African Dope

Dank feat. Bakaman (Jam Jarr) – Mumble Jumble

Closet Snare – Pros And Cons (Bonus Track)

Mr.Sakitumi – Element Of Supplies

Check out 7ft Soundsystem killin it live in the studio with “Rub a Dub”:


Closet Snare Announces New Album “Live At The Armchair Theatre” [Free Sample] – ILL Jazz Group

Closet Snare is a jazz band of madness and skill and ingenuity, comprised of some of South Africa’s finest young jazz talent.

The members are: Mr Sakitumi (you remember him from last week’s rather well-received free download – Machines and Keyboard), Kesivan Naidoo (Drums), Lee Thomson (Trumpet), Mark Buchanan (Electric Guitar/Sampler/Fretless 9-String Bass), Shane Cooper A.K.A. Card on Spokes (Electric Bass), and Krushed & Sorted’s The Grrrl (Visuals and Textures).

They’ve all been to Europe and played at impressive festivals like North Sea (Netherlands), Montreal Jazz Festival and Chilemontana Jazz Fest and all that.

And now they’re dropping their debut album entitled “Live At The Armchair Theatre”. And frankly, we’re not sure how much more dope a jazz album can get.



The “Live At The Armchair Theatre” CD drops officially on 17 November and you can’t get it anywhere until then. But you can pre-order it right now exclusively from the African Dope Store.

Only ZAR 100.00 (about $15), excl.P&P. And as a special bonus, if you pre-order the CD from us now, we’ll send you a copy of the full album on mp3 to enjoy while you wait 🙂



Click the link to instantly download a free bonus track of some crazy, ballsy jazz from Closet Snare!

Closet Snare – Pros And Cons

Check out some of these visuals and sounds at one of their live shows. These guys r dirty!


African Dope Records Presents: Mr. Sakitumi – “Element of Supplies” [Free Download]

Mr. Sakitumi – “Element of Supplies”

Right-click Link, then ‘Save link as’ to get your free track, it’s a taster of his upcoming debut album (which will be available in the African Dope Store in good time 🙂

If you don’t know Mr.Sakitumi, here’s the name drop 🙂

Mr. Sakitumi has played a whole-wide-world of instruments, (from drums, through guitar, past double-bass, and far beyond) in some of the most reputable acts in South Africa, including Krushed & Sorted, Max Normal, LARK, Goldfish, Freshly Ground, Battery 9, Closet Snare, Godessa, Gazelle and Teba. He’s played at festivals like: Pukkelpop (Belgium), Lowlands (Netherlands), Face fest (Finland) and Oppikoppi (South Africa).  Basically.. He’s the sh*t 🙂

His music is in the style of beats and breaks, having been influenced by the likes of Ninja Tune, DJ Krush, Bonobo, RJD2 and DJ Shadow. The man recently returned from a European tour alongside EJ von Lyrik, and he’s planning another one for next August.

We’ll let you know the progress on the full album, till then, if you need evidence of the extent of his mad, mad skillys; make sure to check out this video of the man himself performing his track “Franklinstein”.

African Dope Records

Mr. Sakitumi is the shit! Holy shit! What instrument doesn’t he play? Representing Cape Town, South Africa to the fullest!