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Artist Profile: Carey Ott

Carey Ott is an awesome singer/songwriter from Nashville, TN that I stumbled upon today. Les Wiseman describes Carey in the following manner:

“Now it’s hard not to use the word sensitive when you’re describing Carey Ott’s music, there’s always that derisory sensitive singer/songwriter connotation. So while there are many simpering acts that we can write off, let’s not forget those that put real courage and devastating honesty in their lyrics: John Lennon, Paul Simon and Lou Reed come to mind. Not wimpy stuff, not in the least, it’s bare and raw. And while Ott’s melodies are the stuff of angels’ daydreams, his lyrics are the stuff of a soul bared. There’s alienation, loneliness and pain -and it ain’t there for trendies or the emo crowd. It’s there for real people who like to turn on some music that makes them feel there’s someone else out there who feels the way they do, that there’s someone to rely on (which happens to be the title of cut 8), that they’re not alone.”

You can check out his single “Ain’t No Upside” as well as other songs from his new album, Human Heart, at his ReverbNation page. Make sure to check out his facebook page as well.

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