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It’s Fractal Friday – Get Your Dose!

I have been fascinated with fractals since I first discovered them a couple years ago. What fascinated me was the patterns at first, but then I saw this documentary called Colors of Infinity, that actually described what I was seeing. When I understood what I was actually looking at I was blown away.

I will not try to explain what they are because I would probably mess it up, but first I’ll show you a clip from the documentary that explains how they can be used practically, and why they are important, then we will get to what they actually are. Featured in the documentary is Arthur C. Clark and also Benoît Mandelbrot himself, the founder of the first fractal, rightfully called the Mandelbrot set(shown above).
Infinite Scalability will play a huge roll in the future of the internet, by allowing a 3 dimensional plane to be introduced to the browsing experience. Suddenly the space on the screen will get a lot bigger..well, deeper..and users will eventually be able to create their own hidden spaces within virtual environments, zooming down into the corner of a room to eventually reveal a hidden locked door.

The popular website Photosynth uses fractal geometry to add infinite scalability to it’s functionality. Try it out and explore the Pyramids from home. Zoom in and get incredible detail! It is so fun zooming using 2 fingers with the Macbook touch pad too if you have one: http://photosynth.net/view.aspx?cid=7ccf8edb-cbf2-4a79-83cd-f33be90fd1aa

Okay so if you’re wondering what the heck these things actually are, this part of the documentary explains the logistics of how they get these images and their origins.
Truly amazing stuff. I just thought I would share my love of fractals with everyone because I think this is something everybody should know about. It really is one of the great wonders of our world, and its resemblance to nature is something that can’t be overstated.
Happy Friday Everyone!
Try to Keep Your Eyes Focused on One Point

Written by: Dante Cullari Founder & President Beat-Play,LLC

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