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Beat-Play: SHARE for ART [VIDEO + PHOTO]


Flash Drive Painting FINAL

Alright, “I want to lay-down 96 flash-drives flat in the shape of a canvas, so you can paint a portrait over top of them.” Now this was obviously something new and different for any painter, but a creative way to bring the parallel minds of artists together through multitudes of expression. So we set out in search of an artist in the San Diego area that would fit the job, and I could have never imagined who was about to respond to our postings. One of San Diego’s premier painters, SHAY DAVIS!!! (http://shayvision.com). When we first got a look at some of his work, we were just absolutely blown away. There was no way in hell that someone this talented, the modern-day Dali, was going to work for this project or even fit into the budget for that matter. It couldn’t have been a better match. Luckily having most of the Beat-Play Team in town, Shay was able to meet the whole company and right away felt that he was a sure-fit into the lifestyle of Beat-Play, knowing the hardships and reality of being an independent artist today.

After that first meeting we got right to work. Shay’s mission was to give people his visual representation of the current struggles seen in independent music community. Being in a similar situation as his own, through the art world, Shay was quickly able to jump into this vision. Now you have a plan, but then you’re going to need some supplies. So here’s what we used:

  • 96 Beat-Play Flash-Drives
  • Oil Paint and Brushes
  • Cavas
  • Sticky-Tac
  • Video Camera
  • SLR Camera
  • Tri-Pod
  • A computer turned to Beatplay.com
Once all the supplies were gathered, Shane Suski (film/photography) and I rolled over to Shay’s studio and started setting up. Having one camera sit-still on the tri-pod and Shane pan the room with his SLR, we were really able to capture the full painting process that went into creating this piece from all possible angles, using video and photography.  I suggest going full-screen with this one:
The video came out great but nothing makes a video better than some bangin’ music. So we hit Tomatofish up for some more information regarding the use of his Simulacrum track on the video. He was all for it and that’s what you hear now. Tomatofish is one of a kind, compose all sorts of tracks ranging from hip-hop beats to classical pieces. This is just another pure talent that makes this project so great.
With the launch of Beatplay.com and our Facebook application we would like to spread the love to the public by giving back to the users of Beat-Play, by offering the flash-drives from the painting. The contest is simple. Mention Beatplay.com on your Facebook or Twitter feeds and become eligible to receive ONE of the 96 flash-drives. There aren’t too many drives to go around so make sure your post stands-out.
Written By: Mark G. Valente | @MarkwithMWL | Music Without Labels & Beat-Play, LLC

The Nico Blues – “Living Proof” [VIDEO]

If you don’t recall the release of The Nico Blues latest album on the blog last year I totally suggest you snag the free download and check it out. In December of last year the alternative rock group released a video to their single “Living Proof” off of ‘Blame The Boredom, Blame The Basements’. These been recently entered into the MTVu’s ‘The Freshman’ contest for their music video. Please visit here and take a second to vote for them to get the chance to win and have their newest video aired on MTVu and MTV2. (NOTE: Poll is located on the right side-bar)

The Bulmers Berry Ground Breakers Competition -Vote Leaving Las Vegas!

Okay I’ll admit, I haven’t listened to any of the other bands yet in the Bulmers Berry Ground Breakers Competition, but the MWL band Leaving Las Vegas is a finalist and they REALLY deserve this vote. I’m not saying I’m biased, but vote for Leaving Las Vegas. Peace!

In case you need to hear them first, here you go:

Vote Now


of Montreal – “Famine Affair” Remix Contest

“We just launched a remix contest for our song “Famine Affair.” Anyone can enter and the winner will receive $500 along with our complete digital discography!

All entries must be received by Nov. 19, 2010. Winner will be chosen by popular vote between Nov. 22 through Dec. 6.

For more details and to download the stems, please go to:http://www.polyvinylrecords.com/famineaffair_remix_contest

Also, Nina and our friend Jason Miller shot a video for “Famine Affair” this past weekend. Look for it to debut in the very near future.”

SoundOps’ Free Mastering Mix-Off

The rules are simple. If your band is working on a new song, or if you already have one recorded, send your mix to us ( studio@soundops.com ) before October 1st. Our team will listen to each submission and choose our 3 favorite mixes. Then, we will master them for free if they haven’t already been and post them here on the Mastering Blog.

The Grand Prize:

A Featured Post about the band or studio project
A Guitar Center gift card ($150 value)
and $300 more in Free Mastering from SoundOps!

Go Here to Enter