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It’s Amazing What Some Labels Will Do – Special Offers – A Great Way to Lose your Copyright

I ran into this post last night randomly on ArtistsHouse. It’s hard to believe that labels are actually attempting stuff like this, like nobody’s going to realize how wrong it is. Yeah some people will take any deal, but that doesn’t mean you should abuse people. Read this letter, and be wary when dealing with labels..major ones anyway.

Great Way to Lose your Copyright


A friend of mine is a composer that has had some success with getting his music placed in TV and film. He sent me this link to submit your music for consideration for the Bratz soundtrack, which on first glance looks like a pretty good opportunity for an emerging songwriter.

Get Your Song in Bratz

That’s right.

Your music could be in the upcoming film Bratz: The Movie, the new live action feature.

Your music will be reviewed by top A&R execs at Geffen Records. If you’ve always wanted to get your music in front of a major record label, this is your opportunity.

This is your chance to be discovered. All you’ve got to do is give us some contact info and tell us where we can check out your music.

We’ll go to your website, listen to your track, and hit you back if we like it. You’ve got until May to get to us. So get going.

The first problem here is why top A&R execs are spending their time reviewing Bratz soundtrack music. Once you get past that, there’s a more fundamental problem you’ll notice when you click through to give the A&R execs at Geffen Records your ‘Contact Info.’ Before you can do anything, you are hit with a ‘BRATZ SUBMISSION AGREEMENT’ that essentially removes all of your rights to any submitted songs without compensation to you. I’m no lawyer, but this reads pretty clear to me:

“We shall have the right to use, market, store, distribute, reproduce, display, perform, transmit and promote the Content in any way we see fit (including, without limitation, in synchronization with video portions of the Film, on a soundtrack album for the Film and as advertisements in connection with the Film and soundtrack album) without payment to you.”

Tough terms!

In addition, this is an Exclusive Deal!

“…neither you nor anyone else will offer the Content in whole or in part to any person or representative of a recording company engaged in the business of manufacturing, selling and/or distributing phonograph records or a music publishing company…”

So if you do get some visibility with the track, you no longer have the right to do what you want with it!

I’m all for major labels getting hip to the wonders of the Internet, but I’d prefer that they spent some time on initiatives that benefit the consumer, the artist, and the bottom line of the label. This sort of transparent rip off does not benefit anybody.


The Top 12 Reasons Not to Sign to a Label

1. Loss of Rights – If you’re a new act, almost 95% of the time, if you want that big label contract, you have to sign over your publishing rights. This is a HUGE problem. Basically, anything you write, which by just the pen touching the paper, or finger touching the key, is automatically copyrighted, you are giving directly to the Label so they can go make more money off of it than you do. Now some people may make the argument that without the label you couldn’t make any money at all, but with the internet getting more and more sophisticated, this will get less and less true, which is already the case for some. ie: Lisa Lavie

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