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Daithi – Embrace E​.​P [NEW MUSIC]

Sleep Like A Stone Cover Art

The Embrace E.P was recorded in the Forge Studio Galway, produced and engineered by David Phelan of The Lost Chord. True to Daithí’s live style, the E.P was recorded using a looped method; each sound is a separate loop, mixed together to create a precise and melodic piece of music. The end result is energetic, catchy instrumentals, with electronic, indie and traditional irish influences rolled into each tune.

The E.P was mastered by Nilesh Patel at the Exchange in london, whose previous mastering works include artists such as Friendly Fires, The XX, Digitalism, Justice, Crystal Castles, and Daft Punk’s Homework and Da Funk to mention but a few.

By: Shayne Byrne | Beat-Play Ambassador Ireland | @shaynewithMWL | Music Without Labels & Beat-Play, LLC

iDaft – The sickest Daft Punk app! [CRAZY addicting]

Everyone needs one of these next to them at all times for the world to be a better place, in my opinion. Check it out!

Audio Surf – Sick Music Game – Ride Your Music – Daft Punk – Around the World [Video]

I’m pretty sure this game is only for Windows and you need a gaming platform called Steam that you have to pay for (not sure how much) in order to play it, but it could possibly be worth it.

The key to Audiosurf is sick visuals that correspond to the music, letting you virtually ride your music. The road you cruise down changes with the actual music waves. It’s a pretty cool concept that could be taken a lot farther.

Fullscreen the following vid and enjoy the music:

Drum n Bass Song in Audio Surf:


Behind Daft Punk’s “Pyramid” – SICK setup

It takes 10 other people to run everything, plus Daft Punk. This is probably the sickest set up I’ve ever seen. A super computer? Really?

The Charleston to Daft Punk

Synched almost perfectly with Daft Punk’s “Around the World”