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How to: Electric Rock Piano and Organ [Videos]

This series of videos are great for anybody interested in starting to play an electric piano or an organ, especially if you’re even just thinking about it. The electric piano is still an amazingly cool instrument with a lot of versatility. It can be an awesome addition to a band.

Full Video Playlist Series Here

Check out this guy shredding the old school electric piano:


How to make a gated Synth Pad à la Timbaland & Danja with FL Studio

If this doesn’t make you wanna start messing around with fruity loops you’re crazy.


Amazing Street Performer – Dub FX – Beatboxing, Looping, Singing – Reggae/Hip Hop [Video]

This guy is ridiculous, you gotta hear this shit. I’d buy his cd if I saw him doing that shit in the street..

I have no idea who this guy is or where he is from, but he’s amazing. (He says his name is Dub FX in the beginning). I think this really speaks to the volume of talent out there that’s still left to be discovered around the world. Never underestimate people.

Just found another ridiculous video from Dub FX on the roof top, he’s got plenty, (and a pretty big following too) he’s dirty:


Make a Rubber Band Shock Mount for your Boom Mic for only $3!

When attaching a boom mic to a pole, you need a special mount to insulate the microphone from pole noise. If the mic is connected directly to the boom, it will register unwanted sound whenever anything hits or moves across it (like the operator’s hands). Thus, you need a special mount that will ‘float’ the mic away from the pole. Rubber band mounts are a good way to do this, but are often very expensive (around $50). Why not make your own for $3 and put the rest back into your movie?

Continue to Full Tutorial


Necrophagist drummer Romain Goulon – Amazing! [Video]



And the Street Performer Hip Hop/Drum n Bass Version:


Velocity Touch Sensitive Interfaces, Pressure Sensitive Ribbons, 3D Virtual Hand-Tracking Midi Controllers – Music is Still Growing

When I look at some of the new interfaces/instruments that continue to be rolled out, it makes me think about how each new musical device that comes out offers it’s own distinct set of new opportunities for artists. That then leads me to think about all the opportunities that can be created when you combine multiple devices like this together. This forces me to conclude that we have not even come close to seeing, or hearing, the full potential of what music is capable of being today. In other words, there is A LOT of room for growth. I think music creation is getting more interesting than it ever has been.  Check some of this stuff out:

Go to Create Digital Music for more info on what you’ve seen above.


Houses – SICK Ambient Music

Houses is made up of Dexter Tortoriello and Megan Messina. They put some Dope beats over some really sick ambient music. Madd chill, I’m diggin it. They have a new album coming out called All Night, that you can pre-order here.


Endless Cuts – Sick Party Playlists – Dubstep, Hip hop, & More

I’m in love. Start your Friday right: http://endlesscuts.com/lists2/dubstepcuts.html


Yours Truly – “In Love” – Killin it on the MPC [Video]

Yours Truly is ILL – def check out his website: http://yourstru.ly/


Rebelution Live @ the Aggie Theatre [Slideshow]

SlideShow Here

Rebelution kills it every time. If you’ve never heard of them, go to thesixtyone.com and listen to some of their tunes right now.

These guys rock! They come Highly recommended.