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Beta Radio – Seven Sisters [MUSIC]

Seven Sisters Cover Art

Hailing from Wilmington, NC

Ben Mabry:
Vocals, Guitar, Glockenspiel
Brent Holloman:
Guitar, Banjo, BG Vocals, Glockenspiel, Piano

Beta Radio strike a chord similar in tone to The Avett Brothers using the same tool set in their own unique way. Stand out track Darden Road has a great cyclical banjo running through the song giving it it’s pace and momentum and when the band kicks in at 1.55 you can feel the impact of the subtle drums lifting the song higher again and using the brass to get effect to introduce the remaining instruments. Homespun harmonies add great color to the guys tracks and impressively not one track one this album is a dud.

Tracks are available at there Bandcamp here – http://betaradio.bandcamp.com/

and your can check out more content and gig info at their main site here – http://betaradio.squarespace.com/

By: Shayne Byrne | Beat-Play Ambassador Ireland | @shaynewithMWL | Music Without Labels & Beat-Play, LLC