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Happy 90th Birthday to Dave Brubeck [VIDEO]

A dominant music sensation of the jazz era, Dave Brubeck has innovated the style and meaning of music on  multiple levels. His inconceivable ability to hear rhythms and tones set him far apart from the other famous jazz musicians of his era. With Dave on the piano there was much more than fast upbeat dancing, which was typically popular at the time, it was about the feeling of the music and the emotion he could pull from any audience through the mastered syncopation of his infamous Dave Brubeck Quartet. Have a moment of ‘silence’ as you hear one of musics most influential people of the 20th Century. Here is “Take Five”

Dave Mathews Posing Backstage

So I wasn’t gonna go to the Dave Mathews concert, until a friend of mine didn’t show up and there was an extra ticket. So then on the way the guy I went with, who I didn’t know too well, gets a call from some guy at the arena and he was told that we were getting backstage.  We were hopeful but not expecting too much. About 2 minutes after we walked through the gate to the backstage area, we see Dave Mathews walking by. I stopped him and asked him for a picture. Cool guy.