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Vitalic – “See The Sea (Red)” [VIDEO]

Vitalic has some incredible House beats but this video is just taking this music to another level. This “See The Sea” from his album, ‘Flashmob’. Here is a more detailed explanation of the video:

It illustrates how Vitalic Flashmob album cover was made. This video clip is an oniric and contemplative journey of a man recreating the 19th century experience of Etienne-Jules Marey on fluid dynamics.

Smoke lines represent the notion of stability, the triangle goes for the disturbance and incidentally for the V of Vitalic. The concept of a flashmob is illustrated here as a result of an intruder perturbating a stable environment.

Introducing… Teeth & Tongue [VIDEO]

Have a look at Melbourne, Australia zouk group Teeth & Tounge with their video for “Sad Sun” by Lucy Dyson. For those who are unfamiliar with this newer genre originating from the 80s, zouk is an Antillean Creole word meaning “party” or “festival” coming from the Caribbean islands. Teeth & Tongue place themselves amongst a rare bread of music in their demographic being not one of the popular zouk areas of the world. Enjoy their new video here and you be the judge; great video editing and design work is for sure.

Fluxus & The Theatre of Eternal Music – “B flat Dorian Blues” 1962 [Video]

The Theatre of Eternal Music, sometimes later known as The Dream Syndicate,[1] was a mid-sixties musical group formed by La Monte Young [2] that focused on experimental drone music. It featured the performances of La Monte YoungJohn CaleAngus MacLiseTerry JenningsMarian ZazeelaTony ConradBilly Name,Jon Hassell, Alex Dea and others. The group is stylistically tied to the Neo-Dada aesthetics of Fluxus and the post-John Cage noise music continuum.   Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Theatre_of_Eternal_Music

Fluxus: a name taken from a Latin word meaning “to flow”—is an international network of artists, composers and designers noted for blending different artistic media and disciplines in the 1960s. They have been active in Neo-Dada noise music and visual art as well as literatureurban planningarchitecture, and design. Fluxus is often described as intermedia, a term coined by Fluxus artist Dick Higgins in a famous 1966 essay.

Among its early associates were Joseph Beuys, Dick Higgins, Nam June Paik, Wolf Vostell, La Monte Young, Joseph Byrd, and Yoko Ono who explored media ranging from performance art to poetry to experimental music to film. They took the stance of opposition to the ideas of tradition and professionalism in the arts of their time, the Fluxus group shifted the emphasis from what an artist makes to the artist’s personality, actions, and opinions. Throughout the 1960s and 1970s (their most active period) they staged “action” events, engaged in politics and public speaking, and produced sculptural works featuring unconventional materials.

The Fluxus Manifesto:

Long Live the Fluxus

Artists Searching for WEBSITE Development

Music Without Labels & Beat-Play are proud to announce that one of our great artists, Te’ V. Smith from Philadelphia, Pa is available to provide full website design and development to all independent musicians. Visit his site to contact him directly. Here are some samples of work he has done in the past:

Dexter R. Jones

Thierry Lundy

S. Badiyah Austin

Kanye West album cover BANNED from the US

A collaboration with artist/director Mark Brambilla and New York artist George Condo Kanye had them design his album art for his upcoming album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. Mark Brambilla was the brains behind Kanye’s creatively designed, “POWER” music video.

As far as this album cover is concerned, I don’t really see the big deal here whatsoever. What happened to “art” and the impact it has on the world. Apparently multiple distributors denied sales of the album, with some mention of Wal-Mart’s involvement. The album is supposed to be him and what he called, his “phoenix.” Kanye had referenced to past album art work with nudity by Nirvana, David Bowie, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, and John Lennon. If the people don’t like the artwork then don’t buy it. It’s absolutely hilarious that distributors think they can make an impact on the exposure of a product. I’ve seen this album cover about 3000 times today!!! I wouldn’t have seen it that many times in my whole life if this hadn’t happened, which is kind of counterproductive from their eyes.

-Mark G. Valente | Online Marketing Director | @MarkwithMWL | Music Without Labels & Beat-Play, LLC

Innovative Headphone Design [PHOTOS]

Stumbled upon these Y.I. earphones on Yanko Design are equipped with a zipper to steer away from tangling the chords up when not in use. Design by Ji Woong



Kanye West – Power [VIDEO]

Marco Brambilla, Italian-born Canadian artist and filmmaker designed this new revolutionary music video bringing living art to the voice of music. A good deal of his work is in-motion art. Here are some stills of Marco’s works to better gain an understanding of his underlying style:

Marco Brambilla - Civilization

Marco Brambilla - Civilization

Marco Brambilla


Portrait Graffiti of Musicians in Berlin [PHOTOS]

Visit This Blog Rules to view more.

Bob Dylan


Beware Blog & Kraddy – “Android Porn” (Mochipet – “Godzillaporn” Remix)

Beware is an awesome French Music, Design and Culture blog. Def worth checking out.

Kraddy – Android Porn (Mochipet Godzillaporn Remix)

TEDtalk: David Byrne: How Architecture Helped Music Evolve [VIDEO]

As his career grew, David Byrne went from playing CBGB to Carnegie Hall. He asks: Does the venue make the music? From outdoor drumming to Wagnerian operas to arena rock, he explores how context has pushed musical innovation.