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Syncing Traktor and Ableton Together – Best of Both Worlds – Tutorial

Chances are high you have probably tried out both Ableton Live and Traktor only to discover that each program has different strengths and weaknesses. While I primarily use Traktor for DJing, there are aspects of Ableton, such as playing midi instruments live, which I’ve always wanted to incorporate into my sets. In hopes to have the best of both worlds, I spent some time and money figuring out a simple to connect the two programs on 2 laptops. Now I would like to share that knowledge with Dj TechTools so others can try out that great combo as well.

Full Article at djtechtools.com


Introduction to DJ’ing: Vinyl Handling and Mixing


DJBPMStudio – Huge List of Tracks Sorted by BPM

If I was a DJ, this would be heaven


DJ Notation – What and Why

DJ notation is an easy way to mark up your tracks.

Thanks to DJ notation, you can quickly scan the list of your tracks and instantly know what would be best/easiest to play next.

DJs have hundreds and thousands of songs in their libraries nowadays. What’s more, thanks to CDJs and digital DJing technology, they can bring them all to the club. While it’s great to have such a broad choice of songs, it makes it almost impossible to remember them all.

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to look at your song’s listing during a gig and instantly know:

  • whether the song you’re playing is ending with beats only or if it fades out or if there’s melody up to the very end
  • which other song will be easy to mix in next
  • which one is very hard or almost impossible to mix into your currently playing song
  • when exactly comes the major build up / break down of that particular song
  • and much more?

Learn DJ notation at http://www.djnotation.org/


DJ Tips – “How to be a better Dance DJ”

Sick Site for Tips on how to be a better Dance DJ:


DJ Etiquette

Do’s and Don’ts