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aurora – Open Source DJ Mixer\MIDI Controller – Demo w/ Ableton Live [Video]

aurora is a usb powered multichannel mixer in a typical dj form factor.  the device features two linear channel faders, a single a/b crossfader and eight backlit buttons.  24 backlit knobs allow you to control effects.  aurora, unlike most midi controllers, enhances performances with controllable ambient lighting.   aurora easily integrates with your favorite midi compatible software.

aurora is an open source project.  On their website is everything you need to make one for yourself.  the intent of publishing the files is to generate interest in the community, not to make you rich.  They are interested in seeing how you use aurora, feel free to post any mods in their forum.

matt aldrich designed the electronics for aurora.  fed up with existing midi controllers, he convinced maro and mike this was a good idea. matt is a ra in the responsive environments group at mit’s media lab. the kerning on the logo is so strict.

Video Song Credits:
Gabriel & Dresden – Tracking Treasure Down
Volta – Robot Needs Oil (Olivier Giacomotto Mix)
Cass & Slide – Lost Life