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Help The World!!! with Josh Heinrichs – “Sweetest Thing” [DONATE]

Josh Heinrichs and Friends

This is why we love the independent world, not only because of the freedom to be yourself and live the life you love but the freedom to do great things your own way. The always groovin’ Josh Heinrichs sent this message out to the interwebs today:

We have decided to donate 100% of the proceeds of the song “Sweetest Thing” from iTunes & Amazon for the next month to the Red Cross. Our hearts go out to everyone suffering from the Earthquakes & Tsunami’s today. Love your families & friends up while you have this short time on earth : )

Enjoy the track and please show some love and purchase “Sweetest Thing” here and spread the help. Thank You!

Hallelujah The Hills: Help Make Their Album!!! [VIDEO]

Hallelujah The Hills has composed their third album, ready for the recording process. Please visit their KickStarter post and help them raise enough money to record their 3rd album.

Check out the song “Station” off their “Colonial Drones” album.

How Can Music Help Haiti?

Recently MusicForRelief.org started a program entitled “Download To Donate for Haiti.” The creators of the site, Linkin Park, organized a small group of ten artists to sell their music and have the money go toward helping Haiti in their relief. To promote the idea and gain public interests, they include widgets on the site along with a banner in which people can embed the HTML code on their own sites for their followers to participate.

This is an excellent idea that Linkin Park has offered to the public because they allow the user to easily share this fund to friends on other sites. One thing like this will not solve the crisis at hand. People prefer to get together for a cause rather than filling out a brochure and mailing away their money. We need to establish large concerts for fans and artists to donate. Venues in the past such as Live Aid, are a very big success because it opened up wide from an international standpoint.

Written By: Mark G. Valente | Director of Operations | Music Without Labels & Beat-Play

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