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Happy Holiday Track from Dot – “First Class(Sky-Walker)” [Free Download]

Dot – “First Class (Sky-Walker)”

New one from Dot, always on his grind. Enjoy! Happy Holidays!

Download Here for Free

Dot’s New Pre-Xmas Freestyle – “Dress Warm” [Free Download]

Dot’s new freestyle is dirty dirt. He’s also got a video up on his Facebook where you can see him destroying it. Dot’s just keepin it monsterous as of late. Keep an eye out for his updates, he’s makin hip hop do a double take right now.

Dot – “Dress Warm”

You can download the track here: http://mfi.re/?toc1v947o4paort


MWL meets w/ Fish Scales of Nappy Roots [Video]

Fish Scales is dirty as hell, as you can see in the beginning of this vid. Check it out:

It’s definitely worth it to go out and buy Nappy Roots‘ newest, self-released album The Pursuit of Nappyness, and there’s actually more than one free mixtape download on their site too. Keep up with Nappy Roots for sure, they’re still doin it REAL big.



Dot. – “Wall Street(Gordon Gekko)” [New Shit] – Disgusting!

Dot. retardedly murdered this track..He chopped it up into little pieces and set that shit on fire! You have to like this. If you don’t,  you just don’t know.

Favorite Line: “Wherever I go, the bunnies be, Donnie Darko”

Download “Wall Street(Gordon Gekko)” Here

Check out more of Dot.’s latest tracks here