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Dot The One – World Is Not Enough (Remix) from Ghana’s Dj Juls

This is a really dope remix from Dj Juls. I’m not sure where the sample on the hook came from but it’s sick. Dot‘s flow fits perfectly over the beat too. It’s a madd chill mix with a sick vibe. A+ remix to a classic song.

Dot The One – World is Not Enough (Dj Juls Remix) – Download

Check out more from Dot here. He’s been droppin BOMBs lately.

Dot The One – “American Dreaming” [New Release] [Music]

Dot The One has been steadily climbing to the top of the underground hip hop charts. His most recent release “American Dreaming” has proven to be just what he needed to finally push over the edge. His much anticipated new mixtape A.G.L. (Above Ground Level) is set to release sometime this month, and Dot’s debut album Aviators and Bombers is also scheduled to drop by the end of the year.

Download “American Dreaming” free now. Here’s an exclusive extra from Dot The One featuring Arsonist, Jimmy Konway, Sock The Rapper and Dj R To Da Izza with “Young G’z”

That one’s pretty furious. Dot The One is definitely an artist to watch closely. He’s bound to make huge come ups in the mainstream in the near future,  you heard it here first.

Written by: Dante Cullari – Founder & CEO Beat-Play/MusicWithoutLabels

Dot – “The World is Not Enough” [Music Video Premier]

Dot completely killed this track, not to mention this NYC based video is dope a fck! This is a classic right here.

Look out for more from Dot on the way soon. His new mixtape A.G.L. (Above Ground Level), featuring this track, is set out to release in April. They don’t call him the one for nothing. Stay updated on everything Dot’s doin here on fb.

Posted by: Dante Cullari CEO Beat-Play

DOT – Live Sessions #1 + Latest [Video]

Gawdamn! Dot man..yes it’s really that real.

Also check out Dot’s latest track – “The World is Not Enough” It’s sooo dope.

Dot KILLIN IT again – 2 New Tracks

First of all I’ve gotta give it up to Dot for giving away so much free music, sometimes everyday, but the quality of his stuff is amazing, and it keeps getting better every time! I hear Dot’s also working on some videos right now, which I think will finally show just how dirty he is to everybody. Can’t wait for that.

Here’s two new free ones from Dot. Check out his facebook for the download links.

Dot – “Talking Bout (Sucka MC)”

Dot – “All Aboard (Promo)”

Happy Holiday Track from Dot – “First Class(Sky-Walker)” [Free Download]

Dot – “First Class (Sky-Walker)”

New one from Dot, always on his grind. Enjoy! Happy Holidays!

Download Here for Free

Dot – “Do you think about me?” [New Music]

Dot. Still on the daily rip. One of the best yet. Here’s the newest:

Download the Track Free Here


“Latenite Love Letter”

Damn this is dope. Reason why they call him the one.


Sweetest flow (Dot Vs. Maroon 5)

dAMN!  – it was close, but I gotta say that DOT killed that..for sure. You gotta hear this one.

You should definitely head over to DOT’s Facebook page and check out the other stuff on there. It’s seems like every day he’s been killin it.


Dot’s New Pre-Xmas Freestyle – “Dress Warm” [Free Download]

Dot’s new freestyle is dirty dirt. He’s also got a video up on his Facebook where you can see him destroying it. Dot’s just keepin it monsterous as of late. Keep an eye out for his updates, he’s makin hip hop do a double take right now.

Dot – “Dress Warm”

You can download the track here: http://mfi.re/?toc1v947o4paort