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Travis Barker & A-Trak performing @ The Roxy

Travis Barker can play just about anything on the drums, and proves it live with this amazing collaboration with independent Dance/HipHop DJ A-Trak from Brooklyn, NY. Having only worked on this mashup briefly they threw-down a great live performance that will definitely bring a new sound and style to acoustic drummers everywhere.

Dylan Elise KILLING it on Drums [Video]

Holy Sh*t!

Dylan’s Youtube Channel

How to Make a Unique Kick from Default Samples in Ableton

This tutorial is for producers who don’t have drums kits or drum machines. Using kicks from sample libraries is good choice for production, but many producers including me think that using other people’s samples doesn’t sound unique enough. If you want to make unique kicks you have to do it on your own.

You don’t have to buy an expensive drum machine or real drum kits. You do have to buy or download some excellent drum libraries, and use them to create some fantastic and awesome kicks which will be the foundation of your song.

Why is this so important? Listen some dance record from the top artist like Armin Van Buuren, Garreth Emery, Ferry Corsten and you will realize that the kick is the most important element of their song. How we shape the sound of a kick is one of the most creative decisions we have to make—we control aspects like how solid, how punchy, how thick and how snappy. If your kicks lack energy, or are too soft, they won’t bring satisfaction on the dance floor.

The technique which I want to show you is kick layering. The basic idea is that you layer different kick samples and mix them. The result is a completely new kick.

To understand layering you do not need to have a PhD in frequencies. You need to understand low, mid and high. You need to understand cut and boost, filter and ADSR.

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Insane Drummer [VIDEO]

Atomic Tom Performing on a Subway Train. With iPhones? [VIDEO]

If you haven’t seen the instruments apps on your iPhone, here is a great way to see how they can become quite useful. Atomic Tom had lost their instruments so they planned for this show on a subway. They apparently took a bit over 3 months to prepare for this showdown but I would definitely say they nailed it. Who knew your iPhone could make such awesome music with above par sound quality? Can’t wait to see the next level this video takes musical innovation for the near future.

Venetian Snares – “Gentleman” – Live Drums [VIDEO]

This guy is serious!

Venetian Snares


Recording Drums in Bad Settings

We’re all aware that recording drums is such a pain in the ass, and ten times worse when the room you are in has no space or structure for sound. Thanks to 4Track magazine you can be walked through a DIY for those acoustically troubling predicaments. [Click the image above for the article]

Big man, Tiny drumset


The Drew Groove – DIRTY!!

This makes me wish I could do that soo bad! What a sick groove..

Wild Drum Set Designs

Interesting compilation of uniquely designed drum sets. I don’t really know how practical the Ice or Paper Kits are, but the Keg Drums are looking pretty realistic. What do you think?

How to Make An Ice Kit

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