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GhostNote – Album preview [NEW MUSIC]

GhostNote are an edgy electronic outfit, with an infectious, addictive sound and a bitter sweet twist. You have never heard anything like GhostNote before. Tony Fenton (TodayFM) describes the pair as “one of those rare gems worth highlighting” when he awarded their first collaborative release “The Turn” his prestigious Daily Download on Today Fm. Producer Dos, was chosen by David Holmes for a Sony PSP soundtrack and has been playlisted on RTE 2FM previously. You will be memorized by the vocal tones of (Stace) Gill and Dos’ production skills. Creative use of sampling and manipulation of unique sounds will demand your attention and leave you wanting more.

GhostNote are Stace Gill & Dos. This electronic duo are one of Ireland’s best kept secrets. The two have been perfecting their art for over 3 years, with a couple of previous releases under different guises. GhostNote are now ready to be let loose on the music industry. Dos is a highly skilled sought after producer, but has chosen to commit the majority of his time and skills to making his own music. He has worked on various projects with Kool Keith, Guilty Simpson, Exit 15, Dj Tu-Ki and continues to produce and record for labels in the UK and Sweden. Having been awarded the Sennheiser Scholarship to attend Paul McCartney’s college LIPA (an award only given out to one student each year, based on their outstanding skills in music and potential to excel at LIPA), Ross graduated with an honors degree in sound production and has turned down several high profile jobs and various music projects to stick to his dream, making music. Dos prides himself on attention to detail in every tune and creating new sounds that are 100% unique to GhostNote. Dos is a hidden and modest talent in Ireland, and GhostNote will, for the first time reveal a true artist and an astonishing producer.

Dos’ collaboration with Gill, has blended two amazing talents into one mind blowing sound. Gill resigned 4 years ago from her day job to pursue and perfect her musical dream. Gill has supported and shared the stage with various great artists from James Vincent McMorrow to Declan O’Rourke, Dirty Epics to The Brad Pitt Light Orchestra and many many more. While maintaining her own music career Gill has also spent much of the last few years helping 100’s of bands promote their own music. Working as a radio Dj on a live show for Dublin City FM, PR campaigns with Goodseed PR, founding and managing the Purty Sessions and helping coordinate “Rising Stars” for Dublin City Soul Festival. It is Gill’s passion for music that drives her forward and now it is GhostNote’s time.

GhostNote are fully loaded and ready to release their debut album in 2011, they are constantly writing new material and their backlog of beats is endless.

check out their site @ http://www.ghostnotemusic.ie for updates,info, more songs and gig dates.

By: Shayne Byrne | Beat-Play Ambassador Ireland |@shaynewithMWL| Music Without Labels & Beat-Play, LLC

Nosaj Thing – “Heart Entire” [Disgusting Electro-Hip Hop DJ]

Nosaj Thing is beyond ill.  He blends the sickest electro sounds with some really dope beats. Heart Entire is one of my favorites, check it out:

Nosaj Thing – “Heart Entire”

I credit the There was rain blog for introducing me to Nosaj Thing. You can find more of his stuff there, or on his website.

iDaft – The sickest Daft Punk app! [CRAZY addicting]

Everyone needs one of these next to them at all times for the world to be a better place, in my opinion. Check it out!

The Tarantino Mixtape – Eclectic Method Mix [Video]

Tarantino movies in Eclectic Method’s blender. Dirty mix.



Joana Newsom – Shallow (16bit remix)

You gotta hear this remix, it’s disgUSTING. Not quite sure who did it.

Dubstep recommendations for everyone!

This dude put together a pretty nice mix:

“I’m aiming to provide people a starting point with several different artists and examples of good songs of theirs.

For more options, check out some of the better YouTube channels that showcase talent such as:
www.youtube.com/user/inspectordub (Dubplate’s old channel was deleted for some reason :/)

Also, look in the comments for more recommendations even if people are being dicks.”


Mix n Blend’s Drum and Bass Double EP’s “Joy” & “Lost” Sneak Peak + more – African Dope Records

Welcome to the exclusive pre-release of the Mix n Blend Drum and Bass double EP, courtesy of African Dope Records out of Cape Town, South Africa.

The EP’s, named “Joy” and “Lost” both have two tracks, featuring vocals by Sindy Dondolo and Crosby, as well as some ferocious work on the guitars by Bosko Popovac. You can pre-listen to the tracks here and pick up either EP for R20 or both for a discounted R30( little under $4.50).

Here’s a track, I believe from Mix n Blend’s debut album, that you can find a free download of on African Dope’s Facebook, along with a lot more sick music:

Mix n Blend meet Fletcher – Shall We Swing [Liver Remix]

Make sure you sign up to African Dope’s mailing list to get all kinds of free dope music. Today we got a free download of a sick new EP called “Honey Beats.” It was commissioned and compiled by the cogs of Dopeness herself, Honey B. It features two tracks by Sibot, one featuring Xspand, a remix of a Mix n BlendFletcher track by Kalahari Surfers, and a track each from Jam Jarr and Dank. It’s pretty dank.

I’m not sure if I should do this, but here’s a track from the “Honey Beats” EP by Mix n Blend that will hopefully persuade you to buy their new double EP, because they’re really that sick. And for $4.50, I might even buy 2..enjoy:

Mix n Blend & Fletcher – Shall We Swing (Kalahari Surfers Swinging In The Rain Remix)

NI’s Holiday Spirit – Free Reaktor Prism little brother – Micro Prism [Free Software]

A free instrument from Native Instruments is always a good thing. This time it’s an abridged version of NI’s popular Reaktor Prism synthesizer. There’s even a free version of Reaktor included if you don’t have it. Download Here!

Go here to learn more about Micro Prism

How to Make a Unique Kick from Default Samples in Ableton

This tutorial is for producers who don’t have drums kits or drum machines. Using kicks from sample libraries is good choice for production, but many producers including me think that using other people’s samples doesn’t sound unique enough. If you want to make unique kicks you have to do it on your own.

You don’t have to buy an expensive drum machine or real drum kits. You do have to buy or download some excellent drum libraries, and use them to create some fantastic and awesome kicks which will be the foundation of your song.

Why is this so important? Listen some dance record from the top artist like Armin Van Buuren, Garreth Emery, Ferry Corsten and you will realize that the kick is the most important element of their song. How we shape the sound of a kick is one of the most creative decisions we have to make—we control aspects like how solid, how punchy, how thick and how snappy. If your kicks lack energy, or are too soft, they won’t bring satisfaction on the dance floor.

The technique which I want to show you is kick layering. The basic idea is that you layer different kick samples and mix them. The result is a completely new kick.

To understand layering you do not need to have a PhD in frequencies. You need to understand low, mid and high. You need to understand cut and boost, filter and ADSR.

Continue to Full Tutorial


How to make a gated Synth Pad à la Timbaland & Danja with FL Studio

If this doesn’t make you wanna start messing around with fruity loops you’re crazy.