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NERO – “Crush On You” [VIDEO]

nero - welcome reality album cover

Everyone says it’s always about your timing especially when dropping any sort of news and I must say it was pretty damn good right now as NERO just posted their latest video release. The video features the forthcoming single, “Crush On You” which is to be released October 16th 2011. This initially cheerful track takes to chaos as the killer dubstep bass tones take over your ears and the life of the video. Definitely a great one to have stumbledupon at such a perfect moment. Not really much to add here as I was in the middle of some other work but I just had to get this out to you as I was hearing it for the first time!

Paper Route from Nashville, TN [MUSIC]

Paper Route is an American indie rock band from Nashville, TN.  This is a band that I will be following closely for the next few months as they continue touring through Europe and put the finishing touches on a new album.  With a jam-packed tour schedule, a new highly anticipated album in the works, and a strong following, Paper Route is sure soon to be a name that you will see in the top ten.  They have received the most recognition of their career with their first major release called “Absence.”  Even with the opportunity to record in a “real” studio, Paper Route decided to keep it DIY and record in a couple rigged-up houses.  Their songs have been featured in TV shows and film, and “Absence” reached #13 on the Billboard Heatseekers chart with the help of their single “Carousel.”  Check it out:

The band completed a tour with Owl City and Lights last spring, and it looks as though they are receiving some great attention now in Europe.  Paper Route is made up of Chad Howat (bass, piano, programming), J.T. Daily (vocals, keyboards, percussion), and Gavin McDonald (drums).  I think this group’s sound is so much a part of themselves that it’s difficult to describe with other music.  Comparisons would be far-fetched because the ambience of the bass and string-layered synths combine with their reverberated vocals and driving grooves to create Paper Route, and Paper Route only.  Plus, I think that this band is at a level now where they don’t have to be compared, and they can simply be themselves.  Check out this video of “Gutter:”

In addition to touring with Owl City, Paper Route has also played with Paramore, Copeland, Passion Pit, She Wants Revenge, Phantom Planet, and Jack’s Mannequin.  Paper Route will be in Northern Ireland towards the end of their touring this summer.  Since signing with Universal Motown in 2008, they have been a driving force with a second major album near completion two years after the release of their last.  If you haven’t heard their music, check it out.  If you like it, then definitely buy it, or at least stream on one of many music subscription/streaming services out there.

By: Steve Harpine | Nashville Ambassador | @Steve_MWL | Beat-Play & Music Without Labels, LLC

Youth Lagoon – “Cannons” [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Trevor Powers is the genius behind the recent independent electro-pop sensation Youth Lagoon. The more recent hit “Cannons” is nothing short of the word, ‘genius’, as he quickly captures you with a familiarly beautiful keyboard riff. Having released this track about 3 months ago it is hardly new this age of music, but it’s definitely new to me and I’m sure many more. Currently Trevor hosts the Youth Lagoon name on a number of music and social networks for his fans to interact and share his growing music catalogue.

Bandcamp | Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter

youth lagoonThis Boise, Idaho native has made his mark in the European circuit, and with that growing fan base he has sparked the interest of Youth Lagoon’s current independent label Fat Possum Records. With only 3 tracks on soundcloud, it is only the beginning for this modern day composer, with a sure-to-be bright future in store for Youth Lagoon and Trevor Powers altogether. As I’m sure you noticed the “Free Download” mention at the top, simply visit Youth Lagoon’s bandcamp site for 2 free downloads including “Cannons”.

Double Adapter – “Adapt or Die” [MUSIC NEWS] [DOCUMENTARY]

From their beginnings in 2009, Double-Adapter have been blurring the line between DJs and ‘live acts’ with their high-energy audiovisual performances. Signing with Griet Artists in 2010, they’ve surpassed the confines of the Joburg/Pretoria nexus with regular forays into Cape Town.  On April 14th 2011, they embarked on their first European tour playing in Holland, Austria, The Czech Republic, Italy and Germany, while filming a documentary that follows the chaotic steps of the brothers.  It will show African and world audiences that South African artists are here to stay. The documentary takes the shape of six 1-minute video inserts that sum up the experience of each gig, and two 24 minute specials that together create one 48 minute show. It’s raw but cinematic. It’s rock and roll.  Double-Adapter will be launching the first episode of the documentary at the Assembly tonight.   Adapt Or Die episode one premieres tonight at 21h00 and episode two on June 3rd 21h00 – only on MK. You can also watch the performance inserts on YouTube. See you tonight!

By: Elizabeth Stene | Beat-Play Ambassador South Africa | @LizMWL | Music Without Labels & Beat-Play, LLC

Matteo Marini – Texas EP

Matteo Marini Texas EP

It’s the end of the week and everyone is ready to let loose and have a good time. Here is a great addition to todays Friday List with progressive house DJ Matteo Marini‘s newest hits “Texas” and “GreenP” from the ‘Texas’ EP which released this monday on beatport under Deeperfect Records. Obviously had to weight until Friday to let this one out to you all. No one likes raging on a Monday, LOL. So bump it up and get your dance on tonight!!!

Treefight For Sunlight – “Riddles In Rhymes” [MUSIC]

Treefight For Sunlight

Kickin’ back to some mellow vibes today with Treefight For Sunlight‘s latest single released with Tambourhinoceros Records entitled “Riddles In Rhymes”. Their creative sound of this Danish group is growing quickly to be loved throughout much of Western Europe. I sense much more great projects to be introduced late this year as they spread their sound at the Abbey Road Studios and Studio One in London, England just this week! Have a visit to their site and be on the lookout for their tour schedule to see all the dates they’ve planned, and more recently added.

2010, and Still Very Much in the Dark

It’s not rare to hear middle-aged people go on about the technology we have now; the cell phones, and the video games, and everybody’s busy lives. But for all the talk about how advanced we are and how everything’s getting so uncontrollably complicated, there’s not enough talk about the truth of the situation.

The fact is, as a country, America is pretty advanced, but in the age of the world wide web, there’s a lot of that web still missing from the picture. The internet has the ability to transform commerce, transform communication, and transcend boundaries. It could be argued that it’s the most important thing missing throughout the world.

The internet has means of education, means of trade, and opportunity. Food and water sent from a rich country can save a life, but it cannot sustain it.

For all the talk about how advanced we are, I think it’s time we start realizing that the rest of the world is still very far behind. When we think about “our” situation, we need to think about it from the perspective of the world as a community, because in reality, and even more so in the future, we are all connected.

I am undoubtedly a huge advocate for more innovation and more technology, but in these circumstances, I would readily support a stand still of all progress in developed countries, in order to catch under-developed countries up at least to America’s standards, which are certainly not the highest, but would still be great for the world.

This stand still would never happen, but I am hoping that with the coming technologies to emerge out of the developed countries in the years to come, a solution to this problem can be found that brings, if nothing else, widespread internet access and computers to the world.

America, Europe, and parts of Asia may be relatively advanced, but in many parts of the world, there’s still not much difference between now and 200 years ago. We tend to make a huge separation between us and ancient people, or even the victorians, but as a whole, we are not much different, and as a world community, we still have a long ways to go.

Written by: Dante Cullari Founder & President Beat-Play, LLC

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