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Blue Sky Black Death – Secrets [MUSIC]

Sit back and enjoy this track by Blue Sky Black Death off their album, “Slow Burning Light”. This is definitely a good one to play when you’re about to go to sleep. Please click the image above to hear more of their music.

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Often Not Found Playlist #11

Another mash-up this week…Electronic, Indian Drums, even Blues/Soul, with a little extra Hard Rock twist. Awesome indie artists from all over the world. Click to Listen! Enjoy!

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The Beat-Play Experiment – Entry #5

So we’re finally in internal beta for Beat-Play! We are just working out some minor workflow and design changes, but nothing serious.

We should have the main social network engine up on our servers and ready to use in a couple weeks. We’ll have playlist capabilities, videos, blogs, user updates, alerts, calendars, and all the other standard social stuff.

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The Beat-Play Experiment Entry #4

Since the last update, not a whole lot has changed, except for our anticipation, which is growing more and more each minute.

Any day now we should be getting a call or an email telling us that we can test the site for the first time. Until then, we’re working hard to get as much artist related content(album reviews, performance videos, interviews) as possible, finished and on our blog. We have stacks of CDs and hours of film to edit, so we’re staying busy. It’s all great content! Expect a lot of that coming up this week, along with, hopefully, news of the site being testable.

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The Beat-Play Experiment – Entry 3

Today we had our Beat-Play meeting in Philadelphia with everyone coming in from all the various parts of the country. We had a great meeting.

We talked about marketing, our ad model, customer service and transparency, which is the reason for this blog.

I also gave everyone an update on where we’re at for beta. I talked to Dan, our programmer last night and he said we should be in internal beta by the end of the month.

This is extremely exciting because we will finally get to play around with everything and begin to make tweaks. We figure we’ll play around with it for maybe a month or 2 until we release it for invitation beta.

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The Confessions of a Serial Inventor

The definition of a serial inventor is not only someone who has ideas..plural..but someone who then goes about making these ideas into reality…all of them.

This is no easy task. It involves determination, patience, optimism, motivation, and encouragement. Not all of these resources are always present, but they are never the less vital to the process.

Every serial inventor must start somewhere. This will be the hardest time for them, because usually in the beginning, resources are low, workload is high, and there is still the major “unknown to the world” hill to climb. As if all of this on their back wasn’t enough, they are usually still coming up with new ideas all the time, which will require more time, more money, and usually more people, in order to come to fruition, all which makes the first invention’s success even more crucial, but exciting.

As for me, I’m about at this point. I keep a log almost daily of new ideas, new updates to old ideas, and cool things I find that give me inspiration. I can’t wait til the day comes where I can go back through this archive and read all of this crazy stuff, and then go and invest the resources into making them all become a reality.

For me, this feeling will make everything that came before more worthwhile than I can probably now imagine. All I know is that I will get there, and this keeps me going. For now, I just stay focused on my first brain child, Beat-Play.

My job is all about problem solving. My job is a designer, an engineer, and an architect. I am only as valuable as the solutions I offer. And it’s all about helping people along the way. It’s something that has now become a part of me.

It’s not easy for me to stop trying to solve problems, even if the problems are seemingly small, and have to do with something as mundane as a washing machine. Every time I run into a problem in daily life, or someone else is talking about one, I am instantly looking for a solution…and usually I find one.

Problem solving is all about thinking in the right ways, and it’s not as difficult as it’s made out to be. There is almost a pattern..an algorithm that you must adhere to if you want to find the best, and most all-encompassing solution. The best solutions solve more than one problem. If you want to read more about this process, check out one of my other posts, The Process of Innovation – Think Social!

The most important thing I’ve learned on this journey is that a solution to any problem can be found. Usually when there is a problem, there is actually more than one cause of the problem. So a “solution” may actually involve several solutions. If people more understood the causes of problems, they would better understand how to go about solving them.

Problems are made by people, and they can be solved by people. There are not very many naturally occurring problems found in the world. For the good majority, everything in nature seems to fit and work together beautifully to actually create positive effects, like life, water cycles, reproduction, and evolution. Any problems that are present in nature are usually canceled out by a greater amount of positive results, or the problems would exist until there is nothing left to be a problem for, at which point they would not longer be a problem. It would seem that mother nature is a master of ultimate solutions to seemingly impossible problems.

I would say in 99% of cases, an ultimate solution can be reached, if the right steps are taken, at the right times, and the right people cooperate. I find that the one crucial binding agent to finding a solution is for a person, or all people involved, to believe in the possibility of reaching the intended outcome. If you don’t believe, you cannot and will not, act accordingly to achieve a desired result.

Problem solving, or design thinking, as it’s been popularly referred to as, is something I believe everyone must, and eventually will learn and master. As technology and society advances, the problems we are faced with will be of greater significance, and much harder. It won’t be long until the majority of jobs have shifted away from things like manual labor, and move more towards the realm of problem solving.

The solution to hard problems is a well thought out design. Maybe it’s time people start thinking more like serial inventors now, take a leap into exploration, and along the way, find some of the answers they’ve been searching for all along. The world will end up a much better place because of it.

Leaps should not be for hurdles, they should be, for humanity.

Written by: Dante Carmelo Cullari Founder & President Beat-Play, LLC

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The Beat-Play Experiment – Entry #1

I’d like to introduce to you the 1st entry of a new experiment we are proud to be starting.

You may have noticed this blog’s name has changed to The Beat-Play Experiment. This blog, in addition to everything it has represented already, will be dedicated to telling the story of Beat-Play, as it progresses. For more information on what Beat-Play is, go here.

The experiment is almost like a professional baby book for Beat-Play, keeping log routinely of internal problems, successes, plans, events, breakthroughs, overall progress, and looking to the readers for their input. We want to share this journey with our users.

It will also be used in an effort to stay completely transparent, and keep everyone who supports the Beat-Play/Independent movement on the same page as the people running the show. Feedback from posts will be a huge asset to us, and the community, moving forward.

I’ll start off by giving you an update of our status up to this point, and by introducing everyone involved.

First, my name is Dante Cullari and I am the Founder and President of Beat-Play, LLC. I am an independent artist; a lyricist, and a producer. After researching and realizing that there were no solid alternatives for indie artists to promote and distribute their music, without losing their rights to a label, I decided to create my own alternative where artists could maintain full control over their careers, including pricing, song selection, promotion methods, merchandise, ect, and they could do it all online from their home.

I am Beat-Play’s architect. I don’t do any coding myself, though I have a little experience doing it. I however, design the functionality and the interconnectedness of the site, and guide the user experience. I have a very clear vision of what’s best for independent artists, and I do my best to translate it to everyone around me. Every decision I make for Beat-Play has a good reason behind it, and when making decisions, I am always thinking about what’s best from the user’s perspective.

It’s been 3 years since I had this dream, and now, it’s just a few short months from launching. We have the designs done, and the back-end mostly done. Now we are just waiting while the two are being merged together into one functionally incredible tool for artists. If you want to learn more about what our beta version will include, you can check out the Beat-Play Beta Overview.

I’d like to now introduce everyone else responsible for making Beat-Play become a reality, and a sustainable platform for independent artists to share, promote and earn money from their music.

First and foremost, we have my Mom, Kathi Cullari. She is the CEO of Cullari Communications Group, a public relations company based out of Pa, and she is the VP of Beat-Play. She is an incredibly innovative and smart woman, and she has taught me almost everything I know about business. Everyone that works for her, with the exception of 1 person, is a female, and they all work from their homes. She has people in almost every state. Though she is located in Pa, she has created a network of people all throughout the country, allowing her business to reach much farther. She is my primary investor in Beat-Play, (and she also happens to have an AMAZING voice). She is where I get my love of music, and she really believes in this cause. I am so lucky to have her. Not too many people would have so much faith in their 21 year old son, but she’s smart, and I get it from her.

The Team:

Boris Mosesyan

Boris is our Creative Director. I’ve been good friends with Boris since High School, when he would show me the beats he was making and we would make songs together. He doesn’t make beats so much anymore, but he does a LOT of design work for us. He is responsible for our Myspace page, our Blog Header, our T-shirts, our Twitter page, our forums, a bunch of Beat-Play backgrounds, and a lot more. He does awesome work, with a lot of passion, and he’s a character. He never fails to make you laugh.

Dave Botero

Dave has had many titles. Among them are director of business development, account executive, media coordinator, national sales assistant, HMFIC (head motherfucker in charge) and he now he calls himself the Sous Chef of Beat-Play. I met Dave when he was at a different company and he came to me with some of the most ridiculous, and creative marketing ideas I had ever heard. We developed and maintained a relationship despite us not using his company anymore. Then about a year later Dave and I started working together again. This time Dave was the HMFIC of his own company, Livid. I was Livid’s biggest client and eventually I just had to snag Dave all to myself. He is an incredibly creative and connected individual and we’re lucky to have his expertise on this team.

Mark Valente

Mark is our Online Marketing Director. I actually went to high school with Mark as well. We’ve been friends for a very long time, and both share a hunger for knowledge that drives us to learn about anything and everything we feel can make a difference in our lives, and the world. He is the social butterfly of the group, reaching out on hundreds of social networks and blogs to spread the message of better alternatives for indie artists. He is our online ambassador, and if you found this blog through another website, it’s probably because of him. He’s also a pretty dirty drummer!

Jimmy Iles

Jimmy is our Director of Operations. He has a strong background in sales, having worked for a major food wholesaler for a number of years before Beat-Play. Now he is the one responsible for making sure the rest of us don’t fall off a cliff. I have actually known Jimmy for a long time. He is my mom’s best friend’s son. He is an amazingly diligent and organized person to work with, and he is also a great guy to hang out with. He’s based in Colorado, right outside of Denver, while the rest of the team is in Harrisburg, Pa for the time being. Jimmy is our connection to the real world at times, but even he’s a bit of a dreamer, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. He is a crucial asset to our team.

Dan Lineaweaver is the President of Skyward Thought, the development team working to make Beat-Play into a reality. Dan is also a drummer in a metal band. He really believes in this project and understands it better than most people I know. He is the best possible guy I could have ever hoped to build Beat-Play. The name of his company exemplifies his process. He was one of the first people on board with Beat-Play, and he has proven to be an amazing addition, throughout the whole journey. He’ll be adding more info about his company here in the future.

I make it a point to surround myself with geniuses. Everyone on the team operates at a higher level. We think big, and act. There is nothing we believe we can’t do. That is why for us, solving every single problem associated with the music industry today is simply another goal to be reached, and we are relentless. We feel like we will make major contributions to the welfare of independent music as a whole, and we will continue refining our methods as long as we are here.

We are getting EXTREMELY excited for the launch of Beat-Play into beta, which hopefully will be out of the lawyer’s hands and online by May. This is a big moment in time for independent artists. Stayed tuned for another entry shortly.

Entry by: Dante Cullari, Founder & President Beat-Play, LLC

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