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Pinsky – “Losing Touch” [NEW MUSIC]

There’s a sound I always find myself craving when fall comes around.  I don’t know if it’s the echo of good times associated with Halloween and birthdays and homecoming or if it’s just the chill that sinks into my bones that reminds me that I need a little vacation from the sweet, jangly sounds of the past few months.

Whatever the case, Pinsky hits the spot.  Their bio claims their debut is a summer record, but I would beg to differ.  The gruff vocals (split three ways!) and spiky riffs hammer home best over a dull October moon, not sparkling mid-summer sun.  It’s a little post – everything: hardcore, punk and pop, mixing genres till they break and form something fresh.  Like hooks?  Check out the lead single “Losing Touch.”  Like dense instrumentation?  Borderline jazzy guitar riffs?  Closer “States” has you covered.

Their video for lead single “Losing Touch” makes the most of a clever idea on a small budget.  I particularly love the detail of the “can-delier” hanging in the center of the performance space.  Check it out:

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Mind the Gap – “The Good Fight EPK” [VIDEO] [MUSIC]

Mind the Gap

Mind the Gap first formed in 2008 when singer-songwriter duo, Cahn & Yang, met music producers Ru & Ozzy.  With the help of music supervisor Jonathan McHugh Mind the Gap began composing title songs for several films and writing songs for television shows.  Since then the group has been performing across the United States, played at the High Sierra Music Festival ’10, CMJ Music & Film Marathon ’10, and Canadian Music Fest ’11.  Check out this video for a history of the bands formation in their own words and music.


The Good Fight [EPK] from mind the gap on Vimeo.


And here’s Fall, one of my favorite songs from their new album…


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