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Jamaica – “Short and Entertaining” [VIDEO]

Here is another great kickoff to an awesome weekend with our first Friday List hit of the day by French indie rock group Jamaica. This opening guitar riff sounds simple but the timing of it is absolutely brilliant adding a burst of creativity to their indie classic rock tone. Here is the official video to their hit track “Short And Entertaining”, off their first album ‘No Problem’. Enjoy the track and check out more from Jamaica here.

Da Fresh – “Limoncello” [MUSIC]

You should probably just add this one right onto your friday list next to that Avicii track. This is one of the latest tracks released 14 days ago by France’s own Da Fresh mixing some dope house and techno beats. Check out some more at his website.

Thieves Like Us – “Never Known Love” [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Coming off of their newest album, “Again and Again”, this French pop trio has released the single “Never Known Love” for FREE here. These guys keep it cool with their mellow bass lines and uplifting melodies. The vocals and synths give them a Phoenix sort of feel.

YELLE – “Safari Disco Club” [MUSIC]

This French musician/producer trio, Yelle, has had some pretty great success with their creative club sound. Here is a look at the most recent single to be on their newest album set to release in March of this year.


Vitalic – “See The Sea (Red)” [VIDEO]

Vitalic has some incredible House beats but this video is just taking this music to another level. This “See The Sea” from his album, ‘Flashmob’. Here is a more detailed explanation of the video:

It illustrates how Vitalic Flashmob album cover was made. This video clip is an oniric and contemplative journey of a man recreating the 19th century experience of Etienne-Jules Marey on fluid dynamics.

Smoke lines represent the notion of stability, the triangle goes for the disturbance and incidentally for the V of Vitalic. The concept of a flashmob is illustrated here as a result of an intruder perturbating a stable environment.

CocoRosie – Smoky Taboo [MUSIC]

The soothing sounds of CocoRosie help to relax your mind. Smoky Taboo is just beautiful off of their newest album “Grey Oceans”. Click the image above to view more from the album and past work.

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The Drums – Best Friend [VIDEO]

The Drums

An extremely catchy tune from this Brooklyn based New York City band. Here is another collaboration with the Black XS Live Take Away Shows set in the streets of Paris outside of a costume store front. The lead singers high vocal range melodically leverages the rhythms of the drums and guitar. Here is “Best Friend” performed live and please take time to see some more by The Drums here.

Anoraak – “Above Your Head” [VIDEO]

The creativity being produced in film is amazing today. Anoraak a French indie electro artist with a cool rock feel, released a really interesting music video using a 360° camera to their song “Above Your Head” The video is completely flattened, so no your computer is not going crazy, it’s just originality.