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Dot The One – Above Ground Level – First Single [New Release]

Dot The One, the most under-rated and over-talented Philly rapper probably of all time, has just released the first single off his newest project, AGL (Above Ground Level), a mixtape due to be out on 11/11/11. Dot has been working on this project for over a year now.  The single is called “Salute Me” – Just take a listen:

Dot, otherwise known as Brandon Cromwell, has been hustling crazy hard over this last year. In addition to working on AGL, he’s also been doing live shows, shooting music videos, and he even pulled a stunt called 30 Day Reign where he released a new free song every day for 30 days on his Facebook page. This dude is a beast!

AGL Promo Vid:

That video reminds me of an older song from Dot The One called “Say Hi” – This track is beyond classic:

Whether he’s writing or just freestyling, Dot The One has earned his name. His style is completely unique, and his complex and carefully crafted flow spills out so smoothly he makes it look too easy. This kid has a jewel.

Recent interview w/ Dot on inspiration:

Check out this Dot The ONE Playlist on Beat-Play. Just listen to the first track and you will be hooked. His producers are disgusting, his collaborators are nasty, and Dots not afraid to just spit straight for 5 minutes right through the hooks.

This kid brings a breath of fresh air to any hip hop fan who has been hurting lately. Finally, somebody you can get down with. That playlist tells the whole story, at least until AGL comes out in November. Judging from Salute Me, I have the feeling that this mixtape is going to take Dot’s greatness to a whole nother level. This is going to be the best mixtape of the year. <period. You heard it here first.

Check him out

Written by: Dante Carmelo Cullari

Dot – “The World is Not Enough” [Music Video Premier]

Dot completely killed this track, not to mention this NYC based video is dope a fck! This is a classic right here.

Look out for more from Dot on the way soon. His new mixtape A.G.L. (Above Ground Level), featuring this track, is set out to release in April. They don’t call him the one for nothing. Stay updated on everything Dot’s doin here on fb.

Posted by: Dante Cullari CEO Beat-Play

Don’t Blame the Youth – We, DBTY – Volume 1 – World Techno/House EP – Free Full Preview

This is simply huge! To celebrate the sounds they love, DBTY decided to put together a nice, big release with the artists they dig, have worked with or want to work with the coming year.

You’ll find some epic world bass, tight house beats, and most of all, a big bunch of dance floor bangers on this EP. The line up makes is ridiculous. They’ve got some of last years most celebrated djs in there, raw talent! All courtesy of us, the DBTY Fam – enjoy!

Full Playlist: http://soundcloud.com/dbty/sets/dbty-records-10-we-dbty-volume-1/

DBTY is a family and a movement.

DBTY is a label, a blog, and an international dj-crew consisting of several members from Stockholm and France. They mix, produce and remix Baltimore, world techno, house and juke with the purest passion.

Their Djs Vem’Detta, Hollydjee, Low Pee, Legobeat, Pier, Scisqo, Sticky Stockholm are awesome. They simply want to make people dance, drink and pump their fists.

You have GOT to also check out one of their older mix eps: PARKLIFE BENCH COMP on mixcloud.

Rebelution’s New Remix EP Release – Sneak Peak [Music]

Today, Controlled Substance/87 Recordings released Rebelution‘s “Remix EP”! This is a collection of reworking and remixes by the band and pals that cannot be missed featuring Zion I, Yeti Beats, and many more.

Ever since their first single “Courage to Grow” in 2007, the band has become a breakthrough force for those who love the sound paved by Sublime, and have toured constantly, reached Billboard Reggae number 1, and played alonside acts like Lauryn Hill and Slightly Stoopid. Rebelution is currently on Tour with Pepper and Junior Reed, check out tour dates here.

Here’s a sneak peak track off of the EP. It’s a remix of Rebelution’s popular song “Safe and Sound” featuring Zion-I with a dirty verse in there I might add. Enjoy!

You can Download the EP Free Here


Nosaj Thing – “Heart Entire” [Disgusting Electro-Hip Hop DJ]

Nosaj Thing is beyond ill.  He blends the sickest electro sounds with some really dope beats. Heart Entire is one of my favorites, check it out:

Nosaj Thing – “Heart Entire”

I credit the There was rain blog for introducing me to Nosaj Thing. You can find more of his stuff there, or on his website.

The Tarantino Mixtape – Eclectic Method Mix [Video]

Tarantino movies in Eclectic Method’s blender. Dirty mix.



Piracy Trumps Obscurity – Proof of Piracy Boosting Sales

SICK article from The Lazarus Corporation. It needs to be shared for everyone to see:

“Here’s a short illustrated story for you:

Steve Lieber is a comic book artist. He drew Underground, a graphic novel (written by Jeff Parker, drawn by Steve, and colored by Ron Chan).  The story follows Park Ranger Wesley Fischer as she tries to save Stillwater Cave – and then has to save herself.

On Sunday (3 days ago, as of time of writing) a fan posted scans of every single page onto 4chan (EDIT:archive of the 4chan thread on Steve Lieber’s site), a well-known discussion forum.

Yup, all Steve’s work is now out there for free. Steve found out via a message on Twitter.

He didn’t go mad.

He didn’t call in the lawyers.

Instead he went to the forum and joined in the discussion:

Techdirt has a much-used phrase for this: “Connecting with Fans“.

Yesterday Steve posted a blog post – Whole book for free; or learning from 4Chan – explaining what had been happening.

What happened next? Well, today Steve posted a graph of his sales of the very same comic book (which he sells on Etsy):

I don’t think that anything can really illustrate Tim O’Reilly’s argument that “Obscurity is a far greater threat to authors and creative artists than piracy” (and various other points in his seminal 2002 article) than Steve’s experience.

This has all happened in the past 3 days: a huge surge in sales thanks to “piracy”.

Steve Lieber is currently discussing this series of events on Warren Ellis’ WhiteChapel discussion forum if you’re interested to hear more of his experience and thoughts.

And you can buy Underground on Steve’s Etsy store.

I’m starting to wonder when we’ll see a “Dummies Guide to Getting Your Work Pirated” on the desk of every artist, writer, musician … and marketing executive.”

Happy Holiday Track from Dot – “First Class(Sky-Walker)” [Free Download]

Dot – “First Class (Sky-Walker)”

New one from Dot, always on his grind. Enjoy! Happy Holidays!

Download Here for Free

Mix n Blend’s Drum and Bass Double EP’s “Joy” & “Lost” Sneak Peak + more – African Dope Records

Welcome to the exclusive pre-release of the Mix n Blend Drum and Bass double EP, courtesy of African Dope Records out of Cape Town, South Africa.

The EP’s, named “Joy” and “Lost” both have two tracks, featuring vocals by Sindy Dondolo and Crosby, as well as some ferocious work on the guitars by Bosko Popovac. You can pre-listen to the tracks here and pick up either EP for R20 or both for a discounted R30( little under $4.50).

Here’s a track, I believe from Mix n Blend’s debut album, that you can find a free download of on African Dope’s Facebook, along with a lot more sick music:

Mix n Blend meet Fletcher – Shall We Swing [Liver Remix]

Make sure you sign up to African Dope’s mailing list to get all kinds of free dope music. Today we got a free download of a sick new EP called “Honey Beats.” It was commissioned and compiled by the cogs of Dopeness herself, Honey B. It features two tracks by Sibot, one featuring Xspand, a remix of a Mix n BlendFletcher track by Kalahari Surfers, and a track each from Jam Jarr and Dank. It’s pretty dank.

I’m not sure if I should do this, but here’s a track from the “Honey Beats” EP by Mix n Blend that will hopefully persuade you to buy their new double EP, because they’re really that sick. And for $4.50, I might even buy 2..enjoy:

Mix n Blend & Fletcher – Shall We Swing (Kalahari Surfers Swinging In The Rain Remix)

Karma Phala – Amazing Music Project by Sarah Fimm – Limited Time Free Download

I ran into this yesterday and saw that they are still offering a free download of the project. Karma Phala means Fruit of Action – Check out their Facebook. First of all I was really impressed with all of the media that they included. There’s 4 photo albums including some of Sarah’s own paintings (one shown above), 1 video showing the making of one of the songs, 31 full tracks and some information about the project and the people involved.

The music ranges from some really awesome ambient and experimental stuff to Sarah Fimm’s vocal stuff, which is incredible! There’s also a number of really talented other artists who worked on the project. If you download Karma Phala, you HAVE to listen to Track 8 – Afraid [White Birds] –  It’s seriously one of the sickest female vocal songs I’ve ever heard. You pretty much NEED to hear this project. The download offer is still available here until Dec 24th.

Also you can support the project by purchasing the music here – it would make an awesome gift!