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Groove Stain – “Get Back” [Music Video]

Groove Stain, sick band out of Atlanta, GA just released their new music video for the single “Get Back” off of their newest album Out All Night. Check it out:

Groove Stain is currently on a US tour with Josh Heinrichs (one of my favorite artists), The Onvi Sound System and Jimmy HaHa. You should really check them out as well.

Check their Tour Schedule Here


Mt. Eden – “Sierra Leone” Dubstep + Piano version [Video]

First of all Mt. Eden is disgusting:

Second of all this chick playing the piano version is really tight also:

Mt. Eden’s Youtube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/mikenorthy


DOT – “I Get Busy” + Bonus “Lets Get Blown” [New Releases] – Hip Hop

For your aural pleasure:

Spread the word – DOT is taking over. The underground is talking. Listen up, and keep your ears open for his upcoming mixtape Aviators and Bombers. Learn more here.

Here’s another fire bonus track from DOT – “Lets Get Blown”:


Claw + Richie August = HULK – Ol Dirty Bastard – Brooklyn Zoo (Hulkstep Remix) – Dubstep

Claw alone is sick

Chasing Status – Easter Ham (Claws Rum N Ass Vip)

But add Richie August and it gets even better.

Ol Dirty Bastard – Brooklyn Zoo (Hulkstep Remix)


Richie August


Endless Cuts – Sick Party Playlists – Dubstep, Hip hop, & More

I’m in love. Start your Friday right: http://endlesscuts.com/lists2/dubstepcuts.html


Dot. – “Wall Street(Gordon Gekko)” [New Shit] – Disgusting!

Dot. retardedly murdered this track..He chopped it up into little pieces and set that shit on fire! You have to like this. If you don’t,  you just don’t know.

Favorite Line: “Wherever I go, the bunnies be, Donnie Darko”

Download “Wall Street(Gordon Gekko)” Here

Check out more of Dot.’s latest tracks here


Closet Snare Announces New Album “Live At The Armchair Theatre” [Free Sample] – ILL Jazz Group

Closet Snare is a jazz band of madness and skill and ingenuity, comprised of some of South Africa’s finest young jazz talent.

The members are: Mr Sakitumi (you remember him from last week’s rather well-received free download – Machines and Keyboard), Kesivan Naidoo (Drums), Lee Thomson (Trumpet), Mark Buchanan (Electric Guitar/Sampler/Fretless 9-String Bass), Shane Cooper A.K.A. Card on Spokes (Electric Bass), and Krushed & Sorted’s The Grrrl (Visuals and Textures).

They’ve all been to Europe and played at impressive festivals like North Sea (Netherlands), Montreal Jazz Festival and Chilemontana Jazz Fest and all that.

And now they’re dropping their debut album entitled “Live At The Armchair Theatre”. And frankly, we’re not sure how much more dope a jazz album can get.



The “Live At The Armchair Theatre” CD drops officially on 17 November and you can’t get it anywhere until then. But you can pre-order it right now exclusively from the African Dope Store.

Only ZAR 100.00 (about $15), excl.P&P. And as a special bonus, if you pre-order the CD from us now, we’ll send you a copy of the full album on mp3 to enjoy while you wait 🙂



Click the link to instantly download a free bonus track of some crazy, ballsy jazz from Closet Snare!

Closet Snare – Pros And Cons

Check out some of these visuals and sounds at one of their live shows. These guys r dirty!


New Track from Dot. – “Monica” [New Release]

Haha you gotta listen..instant classic. Off of Dot.‘s latest project Red October

Download the full quality mp3 of “Monica” Here.


Dot. + Dj R to da izza – “Incarcerated Nightmares” – Free Download – [New Release coming every Friday Starting 11/12]

Dot. – “Incarcerated Nightmares”

Dot. keeps killin it..this one is even crazier than the last one. I personally can’t wait to hear what’s gonna come next. This beat is illsgusting too..shout out to Dj R to da izza. You can download Incarcerated Nightmares here.

This Philly duo is set to release a new track every Friday starting this week, and you can bet it’s gonna be fire –  you’ll find em right here – Expect! Respect!


African Dope Records Presents: Mr. Sakitumi – “Element of Supplies” [Free Download]

Mr. Sakitumi – “Element of Supplies”

Right-click Link, then ‘Save link as’ to get your free track, it’s a taster of his upcoming debut album (which will be available in the African Dope Store in good time 🙂

If you don’t know Mr.Sakitumi, here’s the name drop 🙂

Mr. Sakitumi has played a whole-wide-world of instruments, (from drums, through guitar, past double-bass, and far beyond) in some of the most reputable acts in South Africa, including Krushed & Sorted, Max Normal, LARK, Goldfish, Freshly Ground, Battery 9, Closet Snare, Godessa, Gazelle and Teba. He’s played at festivals like: Pukkelpop (Belgium), Lowlands (Netherlands), Face fest (Finland) and Oppikoppi (South Africa).  Basically.. He’s the sh*t 🙂

His music is in the style of beats and breaks, having been influenced by the likes of Ninja Tune, DJ Krush, Bonobo, RJD2 and DJ Shadow. The man recently returned from a European tour alongside EJ von Lyrik, and he’s planning another one for next August.

We’ll let you know the progress on the full album, till then, if you need evidence of the extent of his mad, mad skillys; make sure to check out this video of the man himself performing his track “Franklinstein”.

African Dope Records

Mr. Sakitumi is the shit! Holy shit! What instrument doesn’t he play? Representing Cape Town, South Africa to the fullest!