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Steffi – “Kill Me” [MUSIC]

Get back into the HOUSE groove with this track by the German female producer/DJ Steffi from Berlin. This is a bit more laid back than what you’re used to hearing from the HOUSE genre on the blog, but it’s only Wednesday. Throw this one on in the car and just cruise, as Steffi lets this smooth beat ride out. Hear more music at her myspace page.

Homeboi – “Shrimps” [MUSIC]

Here is the title song off of the recently debuted “Shrimps” EP on BeatPort from German producer Homeboi. This album was released early February and really kills it but this is the only track you can purchase without having any remixers. The originality alone puts this song on a totally different level as the rest from the EP. Check it out

Max Richter – “On The Nature Of Day” [MUSIC]

It’s quite difficult these days to find quality classical music especially if you don’t really know where you’re looking. Well luckily I was privileged with stumbling into Max Richter‘s music through the soundcloud. I was quickly haulted of my work as this soothing violin crept in the background to bring an inspirational melody similar to what is heard on film. “On The Nature Of Day” is the opening title to one of his later works entitled ‘The Blue Notebook’. Please visit his sites to hear more of his work and learn a little more about Max Richter’s musical composition experience.