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5 Practical Ways to Improve Your Guitar Playing

I don’t even play guitar, but this tutorial still made me wanna be better at it. It’s definitely good stuff to think about. I might just start playing now that I learned some new tips.

Audio Tut:

Like many guitar players, I’m self taught. While I believe that we autodidacts develop a degree of independence and creativity in our approach that eludes some schooled players, the cost of this is that we also tend to develop an impressive array of bad habits.

While some “bad” habits and unconventional techniques can be the very things that endow us with a unique style, others are the barriers that prevent us from realising our musical ideals.

With this in mind, I’d like to share with you five practical, personally tried and tested ideas to revamp your playing by re-examining the rudiments of how you connect and interact with your instrument.

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Guitar Jam Session – Cool tool from Chordbook.com

This is such a good idea..!


Picks Are For Kids and The Beer Can Amp

Picks Are For Kids is an awesome blog for guitar lovers. There’s some pretty cool stuff on there.

– Like for instance this Guitar Amp made out of a Foster’s can. Ridiculous! I would love to hear how that sounds.

Powered by a nine volt and with knobs for gain and volume it’s got a decidedly lo-fi vibe and sound.