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Hang Cousins – For Your Aural Pleasure [Video]

Gotta love some good hang music to end the day.


The Coolest Instrument Ever – The Hang – Dante Bucci ripping it up!

The Hang  (pronounced like Hung, sometimes called the Hang Drum) is a UFO shaped steel instrument with different dents that create different sounds when hit. They are made in Switzerland, and are pretty rare to find and are apparently pretty expensive as well. I hear that you have to know someone who knows someone to get one. They are usually hand made. What I wouldn’t do to get my hands on one. This is an incredibly versatile instrument in the way it can be played. It is not always just drummed on, but can produce a number of really interesting sounds depending on how you hit it (like knocking on it). The reverberation of this instrument also makes for an amazing ambiance. Dante Bucci destroys this performance. He really does the instrument justice. Check it out!