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The Community Concert – Cape Town International Jazz Festival [PHOTOS]

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The community concert, part of the build–up to the 12th Annual Cape Town International Jazz Festival was held at GreenMarket Square Wednesday night (March 23rd).  This well-attended event started at 5pm and featured some of the top headliners that will also be performing at the Jazz Festival, such as Hanjin (China), Gang of Instrumentals (SA), Tortured Soul (USA), Tribe of Benjamin (SA) and the Cape Town Tribute Band (USA).  Some major public figures were present as well.  The mayor of Cape Town made a speech in tribute to great Jazz legends that have passed away, and representatives from Berkeley School of Music in the United States spoke about the jazz influence among young people.  The break between different performers was long but a DJ was present to keep the crowd enticed not to leave.  Overall the concert was a great success and an awesome kickoff for the 4th largest Jazz festival in the world! Check out some of the photos from the night…

By: Elizabeth Stene | Beat-Play Ambassador South Africa | @LizMWL | Music Without Labels & Beat-Play, LLC