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Left Lane Cruiser “Junkyard Speed Ball” [NEW MUSIC]

So I was at the liquor store today buying myself some delicious treats.  I sauntered though the whiskey and bourbon aisle perusing the selection.  Wasn’t in the mood.  Last night wasn’t supposed to be one of those “what the hell happened and why do I have a tattoo of a ninja turtle on my rear end” kind of nights.  I got home and saw a text that read “Left Lane Cruiser, get after it.”  Checked my e-mail and there was a zip file with the same title.  I listened, without a word walked across the street, bought every single bottle of whiskey they had in stock and yelled “Cowabunga!” while a man named “Sneaky Dave” drew a terrible rendition of Michaelanglo on my ass just because I already knew where this night was going.  This is the blues, this is loud, this is Left Lane Cruiser.

Set Me Down – Left Lane Cruiser

Am I right or am I right?

This whiskey fueled two-man frenzy of blues-driven rock’n’roll noise straight from Fort Wayne, Indiana promise to hit you like a shock wave and show you a foot-stompin’ good time.

I couldn’t have said it better myself.  With Freddie J IV completely shredding on guitar and Brenn “Sausage Paw” Beck on “drums, trash and hollering” this two man duo is a machine that will chew you up and spit you out without hesitation or effort.  They have released 4 records and their most recent record “Junkyard Speedball” is a complete monster.  If your going to call a record “Junkyard Speed Ball” it better be fast, it better have raw emotion, it better have grit and it better have… well I’ll just let them show you.  They would have punched me in the face for talking to much already anyway.

Justify – Left Lane Cruiser

There’s not much I have to say that the band hasn’t already said.  The gritty vocals, the DIRTY DIRTY DIRTY guitar, the pounding drums and the trash just come together and make me cross-eyed with pleasure.  The volume is awesome, this is good mood blues at 100 miles per hour.

I’d definitely compare these guys to the likes of ‘The Black Keys’ because they have that same two man dynamic with no bass guitar.  I would ‘un-compare’ them to ‘The Black Keys’ because I hate having to make comparisons in the first place and these guys are just different.  Yes the instrumentation is the same.  Left Lane Cruiser is fast, faster than everyone else.  They have a certain whiskey fueled anger to their music.  They site the North Mississippi Hill Country Blues as an influence.  I’m already familiar with the Dickinson Family and the North Mississippi All Stars (you should be too) and man does that just click and make sense.  This song is called “Big Momma.”  Time for 5 more shots.

Big Momma – Left Lane Cruiser

So basically all I have to say is, you’re welcome.  If you like rock and you like the blues Left Lane Cruiser is for you.  Honestly I haven’t been this excited about a band in a while.  Go out and buy their music.  They are on iTunes HERE.  I received the “Junkyard Speed Ball” from a friend, but I definitely coughed up a couple bucks to hear what else these guys have to say and trust me its worth it.  They are currently bar hoping and playing a bunch of smaller festivals in the Mid West.  Tour page is HERE.   If you live there I envy you like I have never envied anything before.  This band will give you a hangover.  This band is heavy.  Enjoy.

Heavy – Left Lane Cruiser

By: Steve Rippin | Beat-Play Ambassador Los Angeles | @stevewithMWL|Music Without Labels & Beat-Play, LLC

Closure In Moscow [MUSIC]

Closure in Moscow’s American debut “First Temple” opens with a break-neck cross sticking that sounds like frantic Morse code.  I’m no expert, but after a couple spins, I’m pretty sure it loosely translates to:

“Hang on to your butts.”

Australia’s music scene has produced a number of talented, successful groups in the past, even if most of them don’t find their way into heavy rotation in my collection (lookin’ at you, BeeGees, INXS, Men at Work, Savage Garden, Air Supply.  Okay, maybe Savage Garden…).  The bands that have captured my ears – AC/DC, Jet, and Wolfmother – tend to be cut from the same heavily blues-influenced riff-rock cloth.  Maybe it’s the pub culture I picture when I think of Australia, but those bands make music to drink and fight to.  Or at least drink and play Tekken to, depending on your comfort with live fisticuffs.  Either way, it gets my blood pumping.  I love it!  That’s what I expect from Australian rock!

Closure in Moscow is different.  Where their brethren rock with the stomp and strut of giants, Closure in Moscow slay instead with speed and precision.  From note one, the playing is focused on densely interwoven guitar lines, complex drum patters and time signatures that duck and pivot like a basketball player.

Over it all, frontman Christopher de Cinque’s vocals soar, crafting melodies that radio-rock bands would fall over themselves to record (see “Sweet#hart” below). Better still, the combination of his higher register with some unique phrasing takes the vocals into an unexpectedly funk and R&B indebted territory.

Some would call the results entry level prog rock; I’d call it highly refined.  The band has managed to take the swirling, spacey, sometimes meandering sounds of groups like Yes, Rush, King Crimson and Tool and blend it with bite and an ear for hooks that their pub rock ancestors would be proud of.

One last note: listen to this album on the best speakers if you can find.  Not only is there a small orchestra’s worth of instrumentation hidden away in some surprising places, but the drum and guitar tones at play are some of my favorites in recent memory.


My favorite track – “A Night At the Spleen”:

Chris Cullari | Beat Play Ambassador Los Angeles | @ChriswithMWL| Music Without Labels & Beat-Play, LLC |

Born Of Osiris – “Follow The Signs” [MUSIC]

Born Of Osiris

So it has definitely come to the attention of myself and some of our followers that we haven’t had a quality heavy metal group on the blog in quite sometime. Chicago, IL metal group Born Of Osiris‘ newest single “Follow The Signs” came out in February as the first track for their upcoming album release this year under independent label Sumerian Records.

The heavy metal tone is definitely an acquired taste but for all those intricate music listeners looking for flawlessly executed riffs, insane speed and screaming vocals you can actually make the words out to then I’d say you might have a new sound here. Check it out and be on the lookout for their newest album to drop soon!

Racer X – Scarified [VIDEO]

First off, this group is filled with intense amounts of talent including Paul Gilbert, on guitar (Rated 4th in GuitarOne magazine, “Top 10 Greatest Guitar Shedders of All Time”), Juan Alderete of The Mars Volta, and speed-demon Marco Minnemann on the drums. These guitar riffs and fills bring a classical composition to this heavy metal tone which represents Racer X. This is an amazing track by Paul and you have to love the space suits, lol.

Introducing… The Bloody Five [FREE DOWNLOAD]

The Bloody Five just dropped their Bedroom Music album today for FREE download on their site. Just caught wind of these guys through twitter. They have a really unique style with an indie rock feel driven by upbeat drumming with an almost metal feel, having lots faster riffs. The new digital 5-track album is a great start to their originals collection. This is a great band with undoubted potential as they gain more influence and experience throughout their career. Here is a track from the album:

Never Again