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The Fkin Awesome Indie Artist Playlist #1

This blog post will be the first of many that I am dedicating to all of the amazing independent artists I listen to everyday, who deserve way more support than what they’re getting. These actual songs I am taking from my thesixtyone.com playlist. They range from Rock to Reggae to Folk, and in between. All AMAZINGLY talented artists.

Thesixtyone.com by the way, just updated their interface, and it’s much harder to use!…but still full of amazing artists..Enjoy!

4. Manchester Orchestra – Shake it out

5. Rebelution – Outta Control

6. Temple Scene – Ordinary People

7. House of Heroes – Code Name: The Raven

8. Valerna – My Moon Rocket

9. Still Time – 9 to 5

10. Kina Grannis – Strong Enough

All of these artists are amazing! and they deserve a lot more than to just end up in my playlist to stream for free.

Please, if you love these artists and their work, help support a site like Beat-Play, that will actually give these artists the support they need to continue to master their crafts, while you continue to enjoy their music for free. It’s a win-win. Join the movement!

Check back next week for a list of some more of the worlds best independent artists

Written by: Dante Cullari Founder & President Beat-Play, LLC

The Fkin Awesome Indie Artist Playlist #15

Another Awesome Toss Up. Click to Taste!

1. Americana / Folk / Folk Rock

Arrow in the Sky – Verbal Waltz

2. Hip Hop / Experimental / Psychedelic

Flying Lotus – Beginners Falafel

3. Funk / Electro / Live Electronica

Juno What? – Late Night

4. Acousmatic / Tape music / Punk

Does It Offend You, Yeah? – Dawn of the Dead (Station X Remix)

5. Reggae

Rebelution – Bright Side of Life

6. Hip Hop / Soul

Little Brother – Curtain Call

7. Pop

Architecture in Helsinki – Heart it Races

8. House

Matthew Macchioni – May Day Mix

9. Indie / Rock

Sound and Science – Late November

10. Hip Hop / Indie

Atmosphere – Sunshine

11. Reggae / Funk / R&B

Pulse Prophets – Remember

12. Jungle

The Heavy – Colleen

13. Jam Band / Rock / Experimental

The Everyone Orchestra – May 14 2005

14. Experimental / Ambient / Roots Music

Dark Patrick – Pennan Den

15. Art Rock / Disco / Alternative

Wave Machines – I Go I Go I Go

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Radio Reddit: The New Top 40? – Why not?

I’m a frequent redditor, and I can remember a couple months back seeing a reddit post asking users if they would listen to a radio station driven by reddit. They seemed to get a pretty great response, so they actually created one. It’s been interesting tracking Radio Reddit along this journey. Click to Enlarge:

The Top 12 Reasons Not to Sign to a Label

1. Loss of Rights – If you’re a new act, almost 95% of the time, if you want that big label contract, you have to sign over your publishing rights. This is a HUGE problem. Basically, anything you write, which by just the pen touching the paper, or finger touching the key, is automatically copyrighted, you are giving directly to the Label so they can go make more money off of it than you do. Now some people may make the argument that without the label you couldn’t make any money at all, but with the internet getting more and more sophisticated, this will get less and less true, which is already the case for some. ie: Lisa Lavie

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