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The City and Horses – “We Will Never Be Discovered” [MUSIC]

The City and Horses

Marc, the lead singer of The City and Horses, started the band as a side project from his New York apartment.  Since the first E.P. release in 1997, the band has evolved, played shows and perfected their indie-pop tracks.  Their last EP release, Little Finland, (the first for the Marc’s whole band) on White Shoe Records in the US, had a great review including one by Time Out New York.  Their appeal is quite simple — they make jangly, well-crafted pop songs with quirky, intelligent lyrics and quickly hummable hooks.  And that’s that.  Yet, unlike other contemporary indie bands, The City and Horses hope to remain in the shadows behind their meaningful and melodic tunes.  Check out the title track of their soon to be released album, We Will Never Be Discovered, on Paper Garden Records.



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Saint Motel – “Dear Dictator” [VIDEO]

In the world of Saint Motel, nothing bows to convention: Stages become forests and living rooms, and shows become kaleidoscopic mind explosions in 3D. This theatrically creative world is due in large part to the fact that the gentlemen of Saint Motel formed in film school. The band’s keen visual sensibility has yielded an array of stunningly original videos that accompany songs from their recently released debut EP ForPlay, released via the band’s label On The Records, and the physical or digital version of ForPlay includes the free added bonus of the beautiful, ultra-conceptualized videos for each song.

The raw energy apparent in Saint Motel’s music is felt at a new level when experiencing them live. The band’s live shows are marked by this effusive energy and the spectacle of exciting visual soundscapes that blend the sonic with the artful. Jackson explains, “People want to be entertained when they go out to see a show so we try to offer not only an energetic performance but also a memorable experience.” Metromix agrees, stating that “Saint Motel never fail to put on a show that’s a treat for the senses” and The Onion claims “Saint Motel has a…particular blend of wholesome indie rock brimming with raucous sexual energy,” while Flavorpill declares the band “Imploring, atonal, and irresistible garage glam.” — exert from Saint Motel’s myspace page.

Check out their video for “Dear Dictator:”

Also, if you enjoy “Dear Dictator” feel free check out Sam Sparro‘s remix:

Also, don’t forget to check out their website for a free download of their new single, “Puzzle Pieces.” Cheers.

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Practically Einstein – “Soldier Girl” [VIDEO]

Practically Einstein is a band from Arlington, VA that has made a name for itself along the east coast as well as Europe. They will be touring in Denmark for the next two weeks before returning to the east coast to perform shows from Maryland to North Carolina. Practically Einstein’s music is full of energy and nice blend of indie and pop. Their latest single, “Soldier Girl” was released around the top of the year. Check it out!

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Disco Nap – “The Soft Sell” [VIDEO]

Disco Nap is an indie-pop band from Brisbane, Australia, whose narrative lyrics tell the stories of life, death, and everything in between. While taking a departure from music altogether, Ross Hope, the band’s front-man, developed a new music venture, partly influenced by his hiatus and box sets of HBO’s hit series Six Feet Under. While not the most noble of beginnings, rebirth often requires the protagonist to endure a struggle. “The Soft Sell” is a catchy narrative that caught my attention this morning. Check out the video below:

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Introducing…Breaking Laces

Comin’ at ya with this amazing New York indie-pop group, Breaking Laces, lead by vocalist Willem Hartong on guitars, Rob Chojnacki on keys, and Seth Masarsky on drums. This sound is extremely clean with very catchy lyrics, almost like a new-aged U2 with the creativity and originality to that of Death Cab For Cutie and Snow Patrol. Their use of samples in the background of the music is well played to the exuberant vibe emitted in the melody.

Drummer, Seth Masarsky states, “We have a certain charm about us, certain fearlessness to us. We established ourselves as a solid live act, but we also showed people that we have versatility, dynamically and musically. We’re the kind of band that can go from the most knock-your-socks-off, crazy hard song to the most relaxed, calm, beautiful, emotional song at the drop of a hat.”

It is our pleasure to have gotten to see them in the 2008 South Park Music Tour and bring to you the title track off the album entitled “Astronomy Is My Life But I Love You”

Be on the lookout for their newest creation, “When You Find Out” to be released this fall on iTunes.


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