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The New Rockstar Philosophy Book [FREE DOWNLOAD]

FREE download of The New Rockstar Philosophy limited until November 30 on their site. They are looking for editing input before finalizing publication. View the contents of the book here:

Table of Contents

Part 1: Primer
1.  Exclaimer
2.  Autopsy of an Industry
3.  Who Are You
4.  Goals

Part 2: The Band and the Music
5.  Songwriting
6.  Your Band is a Marriage
7.  Image Isn’t a Dirty Word
8.  Defining Your Audience
9.  The Art of Practice
10. Recording
11. Shows
12. Making Friends

Part 3: Online Presence
13. Online Essentials
14. Blogging
15. Twitter
16. MySpace + Facebook
17. YouTube + Online Video
18. Direct Contact: Email + Text

Part 4: Rethinking Music
19. Redefining the Album
20. The 3P: Consistent New Music

Part 5: Taking Care of Business
21. Merch
22. Money
23. Bloggers + Publicity
24. The Mini Tour

Part 6: Taking it Further
25. Showcases + Conferences
26. Publishing + Licensing
27. Art of the Collective
28. Conclusion
29. Acknowledgments

The Invention of the Toolbox, and How it can Save Music

What came first, the toolbox or the tool? This is not a trick question, it’s obviously the tool, and we have proof. However, with the emergence of more tools, and more applications for these tools, it became apparent that another tool, a tool’s tool, was needed: the Toolbox.

It is no different for the current state of the music industry and all of it’s awesome web tools. I see the future of music going in one distinct direction in order for it to flourish the way it naturally should. It may sound cliche, but the only way true, good music(like the old days) will live on, is if the surviving community of great music decides to unite as one. This may sound like an empty gesture, but with today’s standards, uniting is as easy as selecting and supporting ONE universal music social network online. It’s almost as simple as a mouse click these days to organize collectively toward a common goal.

Once a single platform is established, the possibilities for collaboration and integration of all of the awesome sites and tools that are out there are opened up increasingly, and can benefit the users way more than the current set up. Third party apps can be integrated with the social network to expand the capabilities of the site and its users.

Also, a huge part of this platform should include an effective ad model, that is unobtrusive and that sponsors the content. Artists can track ALL of their plays, vid views, profile views, merchandise page views, shares, ect, and if they give their music away for free, they could then gain ad revenues based on popularity. The downloads on this network would also be very safe, putting an end to crashing computers and lawsuits.

Bands could be able to perform live streaming concerts and sell tickets on this platform, as well as their merchandise, and they can have their updates sent directly to their fan’s profiles. Band members could even eventually practice with each other from across the world if this system is created, leaving even the opportunity for new bands to form, where it would have been impossible before.

Having one music platform would open up the doors to a more efficient way of artist promotion as well. There could be a system where users follow people they share a taste in music with, and then the user’s radio pulls songs from their friend’s playlists when they press play. There could be many ways for users to control this. What this really means is the best free promotion an artist could get (and currently can’t). For example, if my friend likes a song enough to playlist it, then it will get sent to me, and if I like it enough to playlist it, it gets sent to everyone who’s following me, creating an automated word of mouth system that makes the music itself completely viral, as long as it’s good.

There’s currently no term for this, but it can be described almost as a 2-way status update, where a user not only receives the content, but passes on the content that they like. This amazingly simple, but innovative system. will have incredible implications, not just for the promotion of music, but eventually for any product.

Basically, there’s no reason why we shouldn’t have ONE platform online for music, and a million and one reasons why we should. It doesn’t mean the end of all of the current music sites, it would just mean the integration of them all together, performing the role of a toolbox for all of the cool web tools out there. Imagine, before tool boxes, people only had access to a limited amount of tools at a given time; but with the toolbox, the options became almost limitless, given the tools. I see the future of this spreading generously throughout many facets of our lives.

Also in the future, along these same lines, could eventually be mobile hardware, as well as mobile apps that are universally accepted for music distribution. Then, of course, I hope we would do the same thing for TV and Movies, which would be to essentially free the industries, in almost every sense of the term. This system is inevitable and I am certain it will happen in this decade, just as sure as the invention of the toolbox was after the introduction of numerous tools. Organization is key!

Written by: Dante Cullari, Founder & President, Beat-Play, LLC

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Time Management 101 – Mini Days

Has anyone ever heard of Mini Days?

It’s a productivity system that streamlines your physical movements for optimum production, with no burn out.

The best example of the concept is Henry Ford’s assembly line, where instead of having one person put the tires on, and then they go and work on the engine, and then go and tighten the bolts, and so on, each person is specified one specific physical movement at a time. They might put only tires on many different cars for a period of 4 hours, and then might move to tightening bolts for a couple of hours, but they are not wasting time walking around, getting the tools they need for one job, and then going and doing the same thing with other jobs that need to be done, and wasting more time. Each action is streamlined. This is how Henry Ford turned the process of producing cars from a hundreds-a-day process to a thousands-a-day process, which we now call mass-production.

It can be the same for your phone calls, word processing, school work ect. Define your tasks by the actual physical movements you make. Select a set amount of time each day dedicated to that task. Set up a time schedule for when you will perform each task each day. An example might be Phone Calls, Operations (could be anything), Meetings, in my case updating my website, ect. Work only for that set amount of time on each task, and even if you don’t finish what you start, move on to the next task when the time is up. This way you are chipping away at many things each day, without getting worn out by any of them. By the end of a week, you may have your whole list completely done, with no unneeded stress or seemingly hard effort.

These little spurts of productivity are called Mini Days because once your done with one, it’s almost like starting a brand new day doing something completely different. It can work wonders! Remember it’s all about streamlining your physical movements so you don’t waste time for example typing something, then remembering you have to call someone, and then going back to typing. Block everything into time slots so you can use your time as efficiently as possible.

Just thought I’d share because no one seems to have ever heard of it and everyone I tell uses it and loves it. I learned this trick in a pretty amazing book I’ve read called Neo Tech, which means New Think. I’d definitely recommend looking into it.

Extra Helpful Tip for Small Business Owners: Business Owner Anxiety? Use the Clipboard Effect and De-Stressorize!

Written by: Dante Cullari, Founder & President Beat-Play, LLC