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Crazy Stringed Creations by Todd Green

This guy has some crazy cool stuff on his site. ToddGreen.com

This is the latest collaboration/creation with luthier Fred Carlson, which is the culmination of an idea I had to combine a nylon-string baritone guitar neck (tuned low to high B, E, A, D, b, e) with a small Chinese Gu Zheng-type section with 11 strings. With the special tuners that Fred designed (photo on L), each string has a tuning range, on either side of the bridge, of about a minor 3rd. The strings can be bent in a Gu Zheng-like style by pushing on the string behind the tuner or on the opposite side of the bridge of the string plucked. The instrument has Brazilian Rosewood sides and back and a cedar top. The blend of the baritone range and the Gu Zheng strings is just magnificent! Another unique feature is the low profile, L-shaped capos (middle photo) that utilize a hole at the intersection of almost every string and fret. The L-shaped capos are pushed in and turned, holding the string at that position. The main baritone neck has modern “friction” tuners. They look and feel like traditional friction tuners (i.e. Cello or Oud) but are actually mechanical inside (photo on R.)


The Misa Digital Guitar – Demo Vid – Ri-fcking-diculous

There’s not much else to say…other than ew…and I want one!