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The Confessions of a Serial Inventor

The definition of a serial inventor is not only someone who has ideas..plural..but someone who then goes about making these ideas into reality…all of them.

This is no easy task. It involves determination, patience, optimism, motivation, and encouragement. Not all of these resources are always present, but they are never the less vital to the process.

Every serial inventor must start somewhere. This will be the hardest time for them, because usually in the beginning, resources are low, workload is high, and there is still the major “unknown to the world” hill to climb. As if all of this on their back wasn’t enough, they are usually still coming up with new ideas all the time, which will require more time, more money, and usually more people, in order to come to fruition, all which makes the first invention’s success even more crucial, but exciting.

As for me, I’m about at this point. I keep a log almost daily of new ideas, new updates to old ideas, and cool things I find that give me inspiration. I can’t wait til the day comes where I can go back through this archive and read all of this crazy stuff, and then go and invest the resources into making them all become a reality.

For me, this feeling will make everything that came before more worthwhile than I can probably now imagine. All I know is that I will get there, and this keeps me going. For now, I just stay focused on my first brain child, Beat-Play.

My job is all about problem solving. My job is a designer, an engineer, and an architect. I am only as valuable as the solutions I offer. And it’s all about helping people along the way. It’s something that has now become a part of me.

It’s not easy for me to stop trying to solve problems, even if the problems are seemingly small, and have to do with something as mundane as a washing machine. Every time I run into a problem in daily life, or someone else is talking about one, I am instantly looking for a solution…and usually I find one.

Problem solving is all about thinking in the right ways, and it’s not as difficult as it’s made out to be. There is almost a pattern..an algorithm that you must adhere to if you want to find the best, and most all-encompassing solution. The best solutions solve more than one problem. If you want to read more about this process, check out one of my other posts, The Process of Innovation – Think Social!

The most important thing I’ve learned on this journey is that a solution to any problem can be found. Usually when there is a problem, there is actually more than one cause of the problem. So a “solution” may actually involve several solutions. If people more understood the causes of problems, they would better understand how to go about solving them.

Problems are made by people, and they can be solved by people. There are not very many naturally occurring problems found in the world. For the good majority, everything in nature seems to fit and work together beautifully to actually create positive effects, like life, water cycles, reproduction, and evolution. Any problems that are present in nature are usually canceled out by a greater amount of positive results, or the problems would exist until there is nothing left to be a problem for, at which point they would not longer be a problem. It would seem that mother nature is a master of ultimate solutions to seemingly impossible problems.

I would say in 99% of cases, an ultimate solution can be reached, if the right steps are taken, at the right times, and the right people cooperate. I find that the one crucial binding agent to finding a solution is for a person, or all people involved, to believe in the possibility of reaching the intended outcome. If you don’t believe, you cannot and will not, act accordingly to achieve a desired result.

Problem solving, or design thinking, as it’s been popularly referred to as, is something I believe everyone must, and eventually will learn and master. As technology and society advances, the problems we are faced with will be of greater significance, and much harder. It won’t be long until the majority of jobs have shifted away from things like manual labor, and move more towards the realm of problem solving.

The solution to hard problems is a well thought out design. Maybe it’s time people start thinking more like serial inventors now, take a leap into exploration, and along the way, find some of the answers they’ve been searching for all along. The world will end up a much better place because of it.

Leaps should not be for hurdles, they should be, for humanity.

Written by: Dante Carmelo Cullari Founder & President Beat-Play, LLC

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The Invention of the Toolbox, and How it can Save Music

What came first, the toolbox or the tool? This is not a trick question, it’s obviously the tool, and we have proof. However, with the emergence of more tools, and more applications for these tools, it became apparent that another tool, a tool’s tool, was needed: the Toolbox.

It is no different for the current state of the music industry and all of it’s awesome web tools. I see the future of music going in one distinct direction in order for it to flourish the way it naturally should. It may sound cliche, but the only way true, good music(like the old days) will live on, is if the surviving community of great music decides to unite as one. This may sound like an empty gesture, but with today’s standards, uniting is as easy as selecting and supporting ONE universal music social network online. It’s almost as simple as a mouse click these days to organize collectively toward a common goal.

Once a single platform is established, the possibilities for collaboration and integration of all of the awesome sites and tools that are out there are opened up increasingly, and can benefit the users way more than the current set up. Third party apps can be integrated with the social network to expand the capabilities of the site and its users.

Also, a huge part of this platform should include an effective ad model, that is unobtrusive and that sponsors the content. Artists can track ALL of their plays, vid views, profile views, merchandise page views, shares, ect, and if they give their music away for free, they could then gain ad revenues based on popularity. The downloads on this network would also be very safe, putting an end to crashing computers and lawsuits.

Bands could be able to perform live streaming concerts and sell tickets on this platform, as well as their merchandise, and they can have their updates sent directly to their fan’s profiles. Band members could even eventually practice with each other from across the world if this system is created, leaving even the opportunity for new bands to form, where it would have been impossible before.

Having one music platform would open up the doors to a more efficient way of artist promotion as well. There could be a system where users follow people they share a taste in music with, and then the user’s radio pulls songs from their friend’s playlists when they press play. There could be many ways for users to control this. What this really means is the best free promotion an artist could get (and currently can’t). For example, if my friend likes a song enough to playlist it, then it will get sent to me, and if I like it enough to playlist it, it gets sent to everyone who’s following me, creating an automated word of mouth system that makes the music itself completely viral, as long as it’s good.

There’s currently no term for this, but it can be described almost as a 2-way status update, where a user not only receives the content, but passes on the content that they like. This amazingly simple, but innovative system. will have incredible implications, not just for the promotion of music, but eventually for any product.

Basically, there’s no reason why we shouldn’t have ONE platform online for music, and a million and one reasons why we should. It doesn’t mean the end of all of the current music sites, it would just mean the integration of them all together, performing the role of a toolbox for all of the cool web tools out there. Imagine, before tool boxes, people only had access to a limited amount of tools at a given time; but with the toolbox, the options became almost limitless, given the tools. I see the future of this spreading generously throughout many facets of our lives.

Also in the future, along these same lines, could eventually be mobile hardware, as well as mobile apps that are universally accepted for music distribution. Then, of course, I hope we would do the same thing for TV and Movies, which would be to essentially free the industries, in almost every sense of the term. This system is inevitable and I am certain it will happen in this decade, just as sure as the invention of the toolbox was after the introduction of numerous tools. Organization is key!

Written by: Dante Cullari, Founder & President, Beat-Play, LLC

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