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How indie band Making April went from 0 to 1,000 sales a week on iTunes in one year

This is a very interesting story of how one indie band became successful solely off of the power of the internet and their own drive and ingenuity. Def worth reading. The only problem I have with this author is that she promotes the idea of getting signed to a label as the ultimate end goal for artists. I obviously think that getting signed is a terrible idea and I would not suggest that anyone do so. If you need some reasons why, check out the chart we posted on the homepage today. We also have better alternative solutions being tested now, so don’t think we’re just hating.

How They Did It…

Greg explained that they decided to make a full time business out of their band. Everyday at 9 AM, three of the four members met in what they called “The War Room,” which was a room reserved in one of their homes. They took it seriously, just like a job, and every day they would set simple goals.

“In the beginning we really did not know what we were doing,” Greg recalls. “The daily goal was to make the maximum amount of friends on MySpace, which is 400 a day. Between three of us, that was 133 each.” Here’s how it went from there.

Step 1: Find sound alikes – famous bands similar to you.

They started by looking at similar bands in their genre that had large friends lists at MySpace. Dashboard Confessional, for example. They would go and they would ping each and every friend in Dashboard Confessional’s friends list…

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