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Help The World!!! with Josh Heinrichs – “Sweetest Thing” [DONATE]

Josh Heinrichs and Friends

This is why we love the independent world, not only because of the freedom to be yourself and live the life you love but the freedom to do great things your own way. The always groovin’ Josh Heinrichs sent this message out to the interwebs today:

We have decided to donate 100% of the proceeds of the song “Sweetest Thing” from iTunes & Amazon for the next month to the Red Cross. Our hearts go out to everyone suffering from the Earthquakes & Tsunami’s today. Love your families & friends up while you have this short time on earth : )

Enjoy the track and please show some love and purchase “Sweetest Thing” here and spread the help. Thank You!

The Music Industry Is Dying, But That’s OK – Sick Article

Pretty sweet article by MDavid Low

In 1999 Napster almost killed the music industry. Apple’s iTunes appeared and finally got people to start paying for digital music downloads, but it wasn’t unveiled until four years after Napster.

“That four-year lag is where the music industry lost the battle,” says Sonal Gandhi, music analyst with Forrester Research. “They lost an opportunity to take consumers’ new behavior and really monetize it in a way that nipped the free music expectation in the bud.”

Now, eleven years since Napster, the music industry is worth half of what it was in 1999. According to Forrester Research, the total revenue from U.S. music sales and licensing plummeted to $6.3 billion in 2009, that is a $8.3 billion drop in revenue since 1999.  On the converse, Forrester is also saying that CD sales will be declining at about the same rate that digital downloads are growing. Continue reading

Move over iTunes – Mozilla’s Songbird is Here

Great article that highlights the features.

Why Can’t Artists Set Their Own Prices Already? Isn’t there an Open Internet??

Looking at 8 of the top music download services online, not ONE allows their users to set their own prices for their songs.

The services I looked at were:

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Labels Aren’t for ANYBODY

Too many bands today spend hours and hours creating new music during the week just to go out and play covers on stage. Honestly, if this is how bands make their money then it will most likely continue in that manner. Independent Artist’s focus today should be building a strategic push of their OWN music to the public. The technological advances online that we’ve consistently seen in the past 20 years can shape the strategy in which you focus on.
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Why iTunes Sucks and What’s Next

There was an article this weekend brought to my attention, about iTunes, that I thought perfectly explained the problems with the platform. The article is called ITunes Music Store. Facelift for a Corrupt Society. I definitely recommend checking it out.

Of course, if you do this research yourself, or you’re an artist, you will or have found the same results, but if that’s not the case, his main points against iTunes are that it’s too expensive, there is poor audio quality, and they take too high of a cut from sales. (horrendous paraphrase..apologies)

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iTunes talks About Purchasing LaLa.com

There has recently been talk of iTunes’ potential purchase of the music streaming website, lala.com. Currently iTunes is using the old model of paying for songs individually rather than buying entire albums. From this initial model, which iTunes had perfected, LaLa came along with a similar idea, with lower prices for the individual songs. Along with the purchasing of music, LaLa offers a streaming system in which you can listen to a song at anytime for the cost of 10 cents a song.

Currently this is all iTunes has to go for right now, being as their model has become outdated. They need something to keep them at the top of the music industry, so it’s understandable to see this being a potential investment.

The main issue lies within the model itself. There is not enough change being brought the table here. Beat-Play will dominate this model, offering more to the artists and fans through free promotion, social network media player, free online auction, and virtual estore. This will be the change that everyone had been searching for, where you will then be able to purchase your music for an extremely low price because the artists will also be receiving a piece of the ad-revenue based on the traffic to their page on Beat-Play. Upon the release of the site we will gladly welcome all of you to THE FUTURE OF THE MUSIC INDUSTRY.

Music Without Labels

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