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The Fkin Awesome Indie Artist Playlist #4

Another Playlist of songs to add to your music database. This weeks list is a bit all over the place, but hey, that’s what we like, right? Alot of old school tracks in here some of your older Beat-Play Experiment followers may recall along with some new bonuses we snuck in there. ENJOY!!!

Mobile – The Killer

Interest Relief – Man of Constant Sorrow

Kina Grannis – I Know Who Took The Milk and Cookies

Slynk – Everyday Poppa

14. State Radio – Camilo

French Horn Rebellion – Up All Night

Mayer Hawthorne – “No Strings” [MUSIC]

mayer hawthorne

Bringing it back a bit with Mayer Hawthorne‘s 2010 retro R&B/soul release of “No Strings”. It’s hard to imagine such a soulfull groove coming out of Ann Arbor, Michigan but Mayer is doing just that and making quite the name for himself in the process. He is currently working with independent hip-hop label Stones Throw Records in Los Angeles, California where he had released his latest album “A Strange Arrangement” in late 2010. With the latest connection with Stones Throw it’d be safe to say that we can be on the lookout for some really great collaborations with a list of awesome hip-hop artists from all over.

340ml – “Fairy Tales” [VIDEO]

Originally from Maputo, Mozambique, 340ml is a Johannesburg-based band that fuses Dub, Jazz, Reggae, Afro-Jazz and Latin beats into a unique blend that is often hard to pigeon-hole.  Featuring, Rui Soeiro on bass, Paulo Jorge Chibanga on drums Pedro Pinto on vocals/ sampler and Tiago Paulo on guitar, all four members met in Maputo. Having arrived in Joburg in the mid-nineties to primarily pursue academic and career interests, the band chose to maintain their musical ambitions. Then known as Panic Orange, they turned their focus from more traditional rock to a sound that incorporated Ska and Reggae in 2001.   They have performed at various venues throughout South Africa, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Swaziland, England and France.



By: Elizabeth Stene | Beat-Play Ambassador South Africa | @LizMWL | Music Without Labels & Beat-Play, LLC


Help The World!!! with Josh Heinrichs – “Sweetest Thing” [DONATE]

Josh Heinrichs and Friends

This is why we love the independent world, not only because of the freedom to be yourself and live the life you love but the freedom to do great things your own way. The always groovin’ Josh Heinrichs sent this message out to the interwebs today:

We have decided to donate 100% of the proceeds of the song “Sweetest Thing” from iTunes & Amazon for the next month to the Red Cross. Our hearts go out to everyone suffering from the Earthquakes & Tsunami’s today. Love your families & friends up while you have this short time on earth : )

Enjoy the track and please show some love and purchase “Sweetest Thing” here and spread the help. Thank You!

Von Thord – “Wedding Night” [MUSIC]

Von Thord

These guys are kickin’ it dood. But seriously they really lay down some sick riffs on the cello and bass. It’s really starting to become apparent now that Sweden has some of the most creative music and starting to take over the independent scene in the west as well. The other music is really good but it’s best to show you this track so you can visually appreciate their extraordinary talent. Catch more of there songs here.

The Fkin Awesome Indie Artist Playlist #2

Welcome to the second Fkin Awesome Indie Artist Playlist. This week we’re featuring artists from the old MusicWithoutLabels.com. It wasn’t easy to pick these artists out of all of the artists we have signed up, but these songs are a good representation of all the awesome music and artists we have on board already. Enjoy!

1. A Public Betrayal – Monster

2. Apex Vibe – Saturday Morning

3. Lisa Lavie – Everything or Nothing

4. Vinny Vegas – Watch out for Mastadons

5. The World at Large – Wrong, Wrong, Wrong

6. Tim Yunker – A Mile Away

7. Crimson Faced – Pretty People

8. Dani Rosenoer – Punching Keys

9. Salem – Harvest

10. Lindsay Katt – My Happy

11. Ria – Alright

12. Nichole Halleen & the Projects – Move on

13. Soul Cannon – Dilapidated Buildings

14. Derek Stroker – Believe

15. Mia Moth – Blow 4 Blow (Last Video on Page)

Happy 90th Birthday to Dave Brubeck [VIDEO]

A dominant music sensation of the jazz era, Dave Brubeck has innovated the style and meaning of music on  multiple levels. His inconceivable ability to hear rhythms and tones set him far apart from the other famous jazz musicians of his era. With Dave on the piano there was much more than fast upbeat dancing, which was typically popular at the time, it was about the feeling of the music and the emotion he could pull from any audience through the mastered syncopation of his infamous Dave Brubeck Quartet. Have a moment of ‘silence’ as you hear one of musics most influential people of the 20th Century. Here is “Take Five”

Sticky Stockholm – “Marrakech Nights” [MUSIC]

Awesome laid-back HOUSE beats with some cool Jazz riffs. Definitely diggin this sound. Hear more from Sticky Stockholm here:

Closet Snare Announces New Album “Live At The Armchair Theatre” [Free Sample] – ILL Jazz Group

Closet Snare is a jazz band of madness and skill and ingenuity, comprised of some of South Africa’s finest young jazz talent.

The members are: Mr Sakitumi (you remember him from last week’s rather well-received free download – Machines and Keyboard), Kesivan Naidoo (Drums), Lee Thomson (Trumpet), Mark Buchanan (Electric Guitar/Sampler/Fretless 9-String Bass), Shane Cooper A.K.A. Card on Spokes (Electric Bass), and Krushed & Sorted’s The Grrrl (Visuals and Textures).

They’ve all been to Europe and played at impressive festivals like North Sea (Netherlands), Montreal Jazz Festival and Chilemontana Jazz Fest and all that.

And now they’re dropping their debut album entitled “Live At The Armchair Theatre”. And frankly, we’re not sure how much more dope a jazz album can get.



The “Live At The Armchair Theatre” CD drops officially on 17 November and you can’t get it anywhere until then. But you can pre-order it right now exclusively from the African Dope Store.

Only ZAR 100.00 (about $15), excl.P&P. And as a special bonus, if you pre-order the CD from us now, we’ll send you a copy of the full album on mp3 to enjoy while you wait 🙂



Click the link to instantly download a free bonus track of some crazy, ballsy jazz from Closet Snare!

Closet Snare – Pros And Cons

Check out some of these visuals and sounds at one of their live shows. These guys r dirty!


Introducing… Blame Sydney! [MUSIC]

This 8 piece punk/ska band out of Auburn, Alabama packs a serious punch with some kick ass rock tones equiped with an uplifting horn section consisting of 2 trumpets and a trombonist. Here is a video of “How To Start Again” off their their 2010 album, “In Memory Of Mutton Chops”.