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Long Walks On The Beach [NEW MUSIC]

I received an e-mail a couple weeks ago which read, “This is my brother’s band.  He knows what the people want… blog about it.”  How could I not dig deeper?  I was so enthralled by this epic demand that I rushed ever so swiftly to the nearest computer and immediately Googled the shit out of them.  I almost fainted….  Ok it didn’t happen that way but, if these guys know what the people want then obviously I had to oblige and check this band out because after all don’t we all what to know what people want?  Yes we do.  Here’s a band that made me real glad I check my e-mail.  Long Walks On The Beach.

TRUE LOVE or bust – Long Walks On The Beach

I literally know nothing about the DC area local music scene, but I do know good music when I hear it.  Long Walks on the Beach has the mellow-ness of a beach bar down in Venice, CA with the punch of a big city such as DC.  An odd mix that works amazingly.  Also, if a band or in this case a musician by the name of Fritz Kramer describes his music as “bedroom pop,” on his facebook page a closer listen based on this description gained Long Walks a new fan in me.  The song writing is great and the tunes are right up my alley.  I read a quick little bio and like most people Fritz has a day job,

associate producer of a world class investigative journalism series wins Emmys by day then retreats to his carriage house bedroom near Howard University to make perfectly crafted pop songs by night.”   

Sounds good to me.  Fritz’s day job hasn’t stopped him from creating and releasing a handful tunes on Long Walks website.  It also hasn’t stopped 14 year old girls from making video picture retrospectives of Fall and Winter 2010 set to his tunes either.

metaPhysical – Long Walks On The Beach

A lot of people say, “don’t quit your day job.”  They usually say this to me when I sing off key like an asshole when I hammered, but I think Long Walks on The Beach really has something here.  So I say “f-it” quit your day job!  Why not?20,000+ people agree with me on the ole’ facebook.  It’s a tough road and obviously it doesn’t work out for everyone, but in this case the sound is right and ripe for more and more people to hear.  This last song is my favorite of the three tunes up for FREE on their site right now.  It has nothing to do with 14 year old girls or picture retrospectives on youtube.

I Didn’t Want to Make Out (I wanted to kiss) – Long Walks On The Beach

Long Walks On The Beach are playing local shows in DC right now and Saturday night (June 11th) they are playing the All Things Go Summer Showcase at the Gibson Guitar room with Penguin Prison.  Obviously check them out if you’re in the area or actually do yourself a favor and drive long distances to see this band.  An inside source has revealed that he may or may not be releasing an EP later this summer so get pumped.  I know I am.

The three tunes I posted above are available for FREE HERE.  Also Fritz and the rest of the band are collaborating with artist Jesse Treece on a digital download of pretty awesome ringtones and artwork where 100% of the proceeds go to Japan relief.  So let’s help Japan get some relief by going HERE and buying the digital download package and ringtones for a few bucks.

We all know people love “long walks on the beach” so joke all you want on your e-harmony profile, but I think as a band “Long Walks” has something special and Fritz has only scratched the surface of what has the potential to be some pretty cool music.  Keep an eye on this guy.  He might quit his day job and take over the world and I have a feeling that’s what people want.

By: Steve Rippin | Beat-Play Ambassador Los Angeles | @stevewithMWL|Music Without Labels & Beat-Play, LLC